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Are These Scientists FOR REAL???

August 22, 2011


Update: A friend informed me of a followup to this story which was featured on several news publications. Apparently, the study in this story was just a “diversionary” project and not officially launched (so to speak) by NASA or any official body. Which is a relief. So please take the following as a work of […]

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Ten Reasons Why I Don’t Attend Ball Games

July 31, 2011


10 Reasons Why I Don’t Go to Ball Games 10. I was taken to too many games by my parents when I was a kid. 9. I suspect that I was sitting next to some hypocrites, because instead of paying attention to the game, they were talking to friends the whole time! 8. It seems […]

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The Phishing Hole

May 30, 2011

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…that would be my email inbox. In case you didn’t hear, Verizon– my telephone carrier as well as my Internet service provider– was hacked into. The *only* thing the creeps stole were email addresses, house addresses and other “harmless” information. :rants: Harmless, my eye! I don’t care for ANYONE to have that information! Hello! Why […]

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SETI To Stop Scanning Skies for Aliens

May 18, 2011


A little rejoicing in our house today…. we read in the news that the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI Institute) will stop scanning the skies for alien life forms. Apparently, their funding has been hit. The Mountain View, California, Allen Telescope Array has been switched off and placed into hibernation, as of April 22, […]

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I’m SO Glad I Didn’t Take the Kids to Choose a Greeting Card…

March 23, 2011


I am highly offended. HIGHLY. I had to go to the local drugstore to look for some birthday cards for my moms. (I have two moms, a *real* mom and a step mom). My sons begged and begged to go, but they had some schoolwork to finish up, and honestly, I just knew they’d only […]

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Credit Card Holds At the Gas Station- Has This Happened to You?

March 11, 2011


I came across a very odd story in my local news this morning. There’s a bit of an outcry that gas stations are placing a “hold” on customers’ Visa and MasterCard accounts, essentially freezing their accounts for $150 to $200. Has this happened to you? According to the story, some folks have seen their credit […]

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Do You Have Wrap Rage?

February 9, 2011


I have been THIS close, peeps. VERY VERY CLOSE. I don’t think I would stab my new gadget with a Ronco Ginsu machete… but I’ve been preeeeeetty close. I have a honking big razor blade knife with snap-off blades (so it’s always sharp!) ready to roll whenever I come home with my new CD, lipstick, […]

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November 21, 2010


Weeeellll…. as much as I hate CAPTCHA for comments (I always find them difficult to decipher), I was forced to install it for my blogs today. For Blog Jog Day, I anticipated loads of comments! And I sure got them– 1,000 spam comments PER HOUR. On 11/21/10, I logged in to see the spam count […]

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Unbelievable Amount of Spam

September 3, 2010


I am so sick of the spam!!! Spam in my email, spam on my landline phone, spam on my cell phone, spam in my voicemail, spam in my blog comments!!! :gah: I checked in to my blog three days ago, after not having signed in for three days. My eyes nearly popped out when I […]

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Cities Forcing Bloggers to Pay Licensing Fees!

August 24, 2010


Did you guys hear about this?? The city of Philadelphia is requiring bloggers to pay a business license fee, even if the bloggers do not make a profit. Unbelievable! According to the news story, the city government is charging bloggers a $300 licensing fee, on top of a bunch of other fees: a business privilege […]

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