C’elle For Stem Cells

April 21, 2009


You’ve heard me discuss the science and benefit about stem cell therapy. I have always been 100% against harvesting stem cells from unborn babies– human life is precious at every age and development, and should be protected at all costs. However, harvesting stem cells in other ways– safer ways that do not harm or kill innocent life– is an encouraging development to me. Adult stem cells have been proven to be just as, or more, effective than cells harvested from unborn children. I am 100% in favor of adult stem cell therapy– and I find the entire science behind it just fascinating! God made these stem cells to be like little powerhouses, and we can tap into them to treat diseases! It is marvelous to me.

Adult stem cells can be harvested from umbilical cord blood. Some parents may collect their baby’s cord blood and store it at a facility, where it sits in a secure and hygenic place. Of course, it’s hoped that the stem cells are never necessary for disease therapy, but like reserving your blood in preparation for surgery that you hope you never have, it pays to be prepared. And there’s another easy way regular citizens can take part in collecting and storing stems cells for the future– through a woman’s cycle. C’elle, a leading company for stem cell collection, has a great offer–  Enroll now  and pay only  $299 if you use the promo code CN400. That’s $400 off the regular price! C’elle will send you a collection kit, and you can ship back the collection to them for safe storage. Check out the C’elle website for loads more information on what they offer, more on stem cell therapy, and how you may order.


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