Cheap Long Distance

August 4, 2008


Cheap, cheap, cheap. That’s me. I’m pretty cheap. It makes my husband a little mad, sometimes. For one, I will not buy new shoes unless they are cheap. I almost wound up barefoot this summer until he forced me to get new shoes. They were $40 and I almost fainted!! :O I’m also a horrible tightwad when it comes to telephone service. Here in New York State, we practically pay the pensions of all government workers, with all the taxes, fees, surcharges, and fees on taxes, fees and surcharges– and all that just for HAVING a phone plugged in the wall. If I never received or made a telephone call, it costs me almost $50! Just for the pleasure of owning a telephone in New York State. :-p I have relatives who have left New York and calling them can pose a real financial burden. An hour-long chat with my sister in Arizona may cost me over $50. Holy cow, no wonder we never talk…

Needless to say, I am delighted over the new Tabrio long distance telephony and text messaging service. They are really cheap! International calls, global text messages, long distance calls– even over iPods where the sound is clear as a bell– are cheap.There’s a cool “global address book” you can make for yourself. Tabrio prides itself on exceptional sound quality and clear connections. The website even has a little rate-checker, where you can see ahead of time what your rates will be for a call! Now that’s stunning!

And the best thing about it is— I’ll bet the guys at Tabrio are not living off the public largess for their pensions! It’s about time the government and corporate monopoly got some competition! HA! <


One Response to “Cheap Long Distance”

  1. kdgriffin Says:

    I refuse to pay for long distance. I don’t have home phone service. I use Boost Mobile for my phone service. It’s 65 bucks for text and unlimited calling. I love it.