Child Prodigies

March 24, 2009


Children have such angelic voices. šŸ˜€ Have you seen all those viral videos of kids on TV shows, kids with amazing voices? I sometimes wonder what happens to them. I mean, after gaining stardom on those glittering TV shows, do they just go home, graduate, and become Joe the Plumber or Sally the Bookkeeper?

Sometimes we do find out what happens to them. Ever hear of Lena? She was a child prodigy, from Los Angeles, California. She is noted for doing a terrific rendition of our National Anthem at age 7. Holy cow! I used to take singing, at a Manhattan drama school, and I could never get that anthem right (I always went off-key, trying to squeak out “laaaaand of the freeeeeeeeeee”). Well, I guess she did it right, lol. Lena got a record deal. She’s *only* 12 years-old right now, but she has a MySpace page for her fans. She’s showcasing her song, “Framed,” written by herself and Kosta Lois, a music composer/producer from Hollywood (Lois also produced Lena’s song). You can hear Lena’s Song on her MySpace page. While I am uncomfortable hearing a song about a 12 year-old pining for love, Lena has a great voice. It’s not shrill, like those brats on the Disney channel– Lena’s voice is rich and she has great control. And she has now entered the world of music composing! Kids are amazing! šŸ˜€

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