Choosing a Stellar New Clock

January 26, 2011


You know, I STILL haven’t chosen a new clock for the dining room, since we renovated back in August? I know, I am so bad! I am a “clock” person. I love clocks! I love the funky kind, the funny kind, restore, classic, everything. I have this really cute resin clock in the upstairs bathroom (yes, I even have clock in the bathroom) that is very colorful– it has a big sunflower on it. I like it. 😀 I want to have a house full of clocks someday.

But the dining room is SO formal. I want this room to have the “perfect” wall clock. And guess what, I found some of the most amazing clocks at! What do you think of this one? I like it!

Doesn’t that just ooze class? My dining room walls are red, so the clock would really stand out, in a classy, eccentric way (my favorite decor style, LOL). has loads of such clocks. Some are REALLY funky, you should check out their “retro” section. The “weather wall” clocks are absolutely smashing. You won’t find these kinds of clocks at the local Big Box store! I’m in love with the “Towne Center” clock. I have GOT to think of a place to put that…

If you need a little boost in your house, or are looking for a very elegant housewarming gift, check out Shipping is free in the United States and Canada, too. They have so many choices, it’s hard to choose!

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