Chuck Norris ROCKS!

May 20, 2008


The rumors are true. OK, I just wanted to make this clear. It’s coming straight form the horse’s mouth, ya’ll hear?

I love Chuck Norris movies.

It’s true! And I’m crazy! I’m probably the only woman alive who will sit through Chuck Norris movies and start waving my arms when he beats up the bad guys! My husband wonders what has gotten into me. I don’t know, but I just love the action. I saw Delta Force and I am smitten. I love his Walker, Texas Ranger stuff (that Corpus Christi real estate is perfect for gunfights). And as a kid, I saw the old Bruce Lee/Chuck Norris karate duel. Loved them!

But, hey, what’s better than a Chuck Norris movie? A Chuck Norris proverb! I found these on YouTube, and laughed so heartily that the neighbors down the road needed earplugs. Check this one out– it’s great! I LOVE Number 9 best. What do you like best?

UPDATE: This was originally a YouTube video, but they took it down. I found another video at Video Vat, but it has a little extra footage in the beginning, which I think is inappropriate (this is from a TV show). So you may want to skip the first 15 seconds of the video and get to the GOOD stuff, which is Chuck Norris reading a list of proverbs about himself that people have created. It’s SO FUNNY!

Here’s a funny commercial Chuck Norris made with Mike Huckabee. I’m not a Huckabee supporter, but I’d vote for Chuck Norris any day!

4 Responses to “Chuck Norris ROCKS!”

  1. Brittany E. Says:

    I love all the Chuck Norris jokes! Chuck Norris is so cool he could make a snowman out of RAIN.

  2. Jodi Says:

    I *love* Chuck Norris!! I have watched reruns of reruns of Walker, Texas Ranger, it drives my family nuts!

    I liked #3.


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