Clean Funny Pictures?

February 27, 2009


I really enjoy seeing the funny photos that my fellow bloggers sometimes post. But where on earth do you guys GET them?! I do a search and… OH MY WORD! They are BAD. No thanks! So I searched for “clean funny pictures” and I got a few. But they were just a few. What’s sad is that when I went to the category that says “clean pictures,” this is all I got:

Just.. SIX. Six clean funny pictures is all they can manage, huh? And I highly suspect the “funny” description.


Well, I did find a few more elsewhere that made me snicker. This one is funny because the kids and I are always inventing make-believe warning stickers for products. You know, like “DO NOT TURN UPSIDE DOWN” stickers on the bottoms of boxes; warning labels with “Who tastes the “Better-Tasting!” dog food?”; “Do Not Gargle” on soda bottles; etc.



Bad I know. But it made me laugh!

I love these. Heehee.



And this one isn’t as funny as it is amazing. It’s a crowded condominium in China. Yucko! AIR, give me AIR!!! Great place to install a million discount ceiling fans!


If you are aware of anyplace I can find *clean* pictures, please let me know. Otherwise, I’ll have to continue inflicting you with LOLCats from I Can Has Cheezburgers!!! Muahahahahah!

Photos from Great Funny Pictures,, and Visual


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