Coffee Maker Brew Station FAIL

May 4, 2010


UPDATE: This story has a happy ending. YAY for Hamilton-Beach! See the gory details here.

Remember when I blogged about loving my new Hamilton-Beach Brew Station coffeemaker? Yeah– that REALLY expensive one?!


It stinks.

I finally trashed it today, after enduring the leaking spout for about two weeks. My endurance is gone, totally gone.

It’s too bad; I loved the flavor of the coffee, and I loved the concept of the dispenser. It seemed like a totally perfect little coffee maker. But it DIED after 2 1/2 months!!! I took care of that thing like it was a baby, too. 😡

The dispenser leaks. Like a sieve. It started out just a little bit, really small drips. But now if we dare leave the tank in place with any coffee, it’s leaking all over the countertops and onto the floor. And my house is dirty enough with me having to sop up precious coffee twice a day! 🙁 The directions say to clean it out once a month to make sure it doesn’t leak. It still leaked for me. AFTER TWO MONTHS!! That’s hardly enough time for the blasted thing to get dirty! I think it’s poor design. I opened up the tank, and it’s just a plastic tab poking through a rubber washer. It cannot be fixed. I have no idea why it leaks– the machine is as clean as a whistle– so I think it’s just a crappy design. I’d go get my money back but guess what?? Because we are renovating, I got rid of all the boxes… and I cannot find the receipt. :cwy: So I’m stuck with a dud of a machine and am out $50. Unbelievable! I’m never buying another Hamilton-Beach product again. I’m a very dissatisfied customer. For $50, you’d think it would have lasted maybe 6 months. [that’s loaded with sarcasm there, in case you couldn’t tell]

What IS it with poorly-built appliances, anyway? Our sump pump died last week (still under warranty). There’s a phone number for customer no service, but no one ever answers! I guess no one’s awake in India or China yet. :-p But to replace the part that broke, it would cost $90 plus shipping, holy cow! It’s cheaper just to get a new machine. And that’s what I do NOT like– the “it’s cheaper just to get a new machine.” How wasteful! I always hear how we have to turn off light bulbs and recycle to “save” the earth… but companies can make crappy products that wind up in landfills every 3-6 months?? Gah!

OK OK I’ll settle down. lol. I’m kinda grumpy right now. I am back from buying a building permit at my local codes department, and :Jawdrop: mama mia it was 4x what I expected it would cost. All for the honor of living in New York State…. hmmmm.

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5 Responses to “Coffee Maker Brew Station FAIL”

  1. hideawayhill Says:

    I finally retired my brew station. I’ve had it for about 4 or 5 years and it’s been pretty good for me. I did have the handle to the tank that you use to measure and pour the water in break but I called the company to complain and they sent a new one (the whole tank/container thingy). So call them just to complain and they might make good on something for you.

    The reason I retired it is because in spite of vinegar cleanings, with my sedimenty water, I just couldn’t get to the crevices in the water reservoir with a brush, cloth, or whatever. Too bad, because the coffee was good (at the very least, a pot a day) and the coffee sits far enough off the warming plate so that it never burns. I even found a way to fill my thermos from work.

    So now I’m back to Mr. Coffee, and so far it’s ok. We’ll see how it cleans up inside. I wish they still had drip makers that you could pull all the innards out for a good soak, but apparently they don’t make them like that any more.

    • Rebecca Says:

      Wow, 4, 5 years! If only! I loved the coffee flavor, just perfect for us.

      You’re right– I should contact the company to give them a chance to make it right. I hope they do! 😀 Thanks for the info.

  2. Jen Says:

    I went through this very thing with my Kitchen Aide coffee maker. I didn’t have the receipt, couldn’t prove when I bought it and never got it replaced. I was way upset. I wrote a post about it and to this day I get more searches for that post than any other which just tells me that they make a crappy product. I bought a Keurig to replace it. I was scared to because it cost so much but I don’t need a whole pot of coffee. So far it has lasted over a year and it works perfectly. I have been very pleased with it. Oh, my sump pump went out (it was really old) but that started the revolt of my appliances culminating on Christmas day 2008 with every appliance failing including my furnace, dishwasher, washer and dryer. On that same day my basement flooded because the sewer backed up. It was not a great way to end the year.

  3. megscole64 Says:

    I hate my hubby’s coffee maker. It was really expensive but it totally sucks – mostly the thing the coffee goes in (caraf?) … you can’t even pour anything without it dripping and spilling. SO lame. I am with you – I want things to last. Not because I want to “save” the planet or anything. But because it’s stupid and illogical to have to buy new ones just because it’s cheaper to replace than fix. Hate that!

  4. Secondary Roads Says:

    I too get grumpy without my coffee. I like the design on my 3-cup Mr Coffee unit. The basket lifts out for easier cleaning, and the pot sits under the basket.