Cold Feet/Warm Feet

November 13, 2010


Do you realize that I STILL have my summer clothes in my dresser? I get later and later every year… I used to be so organized; every early September, the kids and I would make the switch– we’d haul out the dozens of boxes full of sweaters and pants, and pack up the tank tops and shorts. I’m horribly late, disgustingly late. Sad thing is, I don’t know when I’ll have time to pull out the boxes! Everything is still kind of messy from the renovation…

Anyway, while my woolen socks and slippers remain stashed away behind boxes of books, I spotted this unusual invention: a foot warmer. It’s a… well, it looks like its a patch of some sort. It sticks to the sole of your sock, and somehow keeps your feet warm! The website says it’s activated by air. It looks like a terrific item to have in your car’s winter kit, or first aid kit. They are also great as hand warmers, because you can pop the thing in your pocket. So, the next time you pack up your gear to do some hiking or glide across some white peaks with one of those snazzy Burton Snowboards, take along some foot warmers! AND your camera, cuz I’d just love to see you go snowboarding, haha!

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