Come to New York!

September 16, 2008

My two bits

Oh, Lord.

I’ve been reading some of the blogs from folks in Texas (do you have any idea how many bloggers are from Texas?! A lot!) and they are filled with accounts of the state after Hurricane Ike. Oh, Lord! I am so sorry for you folks.

ike galvaston


I was reading The Homesteading Housewife’s account of her area, which was hit hard by the hurricane.

Our house…. we were very lucky!, it IS still standing & in one piece. But… a tornado blew a path right down the side of it. This lifted our bedroom up off of the foundation blocks and moved it over by about 4 inches. So we can’t open any doors and there is a very obvious slope downward (kinda like the bedroom is fixing to fall off of the main house.

…80% of the pipes under the house have been blown off of the house or came off when it shifted.

But the biggest problem right now is ice and gas.
We have enough gas to last us several more days for the generator (that we use to run the freezers a few hours a day) and have enough ice to make it through today.
Ice…. we will need ice!!

My heart just wrings with sorrow by reading this stuff. And then she goes on to talk about how her livestock was eaten, and that looters threaten the homeowners.

As a New Yorker, I guess I’m pretty spoiled. We live in relative comfort, weather-wise. We had some really bad flooding two years ago, but that was a “100-year” storm. I just don’t know how you Texans and Floridians and Californians and Oklahomaians and Lousianaians (sp? Oklahomites? Louisianaites?) do it. I don’t think I could do it. I just don’t think I could live in those places, with the threats of major earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes every season. I am so spoiled. We get blizzards, but they are nothing, really. All we have to do is stay home when a blizzard hits, whereas a tornado or a hurricane could carry everything away!

I’ve said before that we in New York State don’t have any natural disasters, except for the politicians. That’s the reason why so many people have fled New York State– the politicians are crooked, corrupt, and greedy. Our beautiful state is overrun by high taxes and burdensome regulation. We’ve lost 25% of our population in 3 decades. New York State is bleeding population. I marvel that New Yorkers would rather risk hurricanes in North Carolina and Texas than have to live a life of abject poverty while funding the poiliticians’ pockets. I guess I can’t blame them.

But you know what? You guys could all come back! You could all come back with your families and help us change New York State! You see, we here in Upstate are ruled by the politicians who get their support from New York City. But if Upstate population suddenly increased with freddom-loving folks from Texas and Louisiana and North Carolina– our state could change!

New York State is soooo beautiful. We have four seasons, we have great weather, and we have great neighbors! Come to New York! No hurricanes, no earthquakes, no tornado storms! It’s just politicians. We could change that!

3 Responses to “Come to New York!”

  1. betchai Says:

    too sad hurricanes and other calamities devastate some places, natural occurencies some we can get away with but some sadly can not. Our prayers for the victims of Ike and for the community to rebuild.

    i’ve lived in the North East and I do not think I can go back, despite it is actually cheaper cost of living there than where I live now, sorry. The winter gets too cold and courts buried with snow to play outdoor tennis and stay outdoors for hours, and the summer can get too uncomfortably warm and humid. Yes, there may be threats of wildfires and earthquakes in California, but considering the number of days we live and the number of days calamities can strike, I think I would prefer enjoying and savoring outdoor activities each day in a very comfortable weather, all year.

    Just offering a different perspective.

  2. Cy Says:

    I do feel so sorry for these folks that are having such terrible burdens to get from one day to the next. Even we, in West Texas were flooded a few days before Ike hit and that never happens here, except it just did! I use to travel to upstate New York from D.C. with my father. I would agree that it was so incredibly gorgeous. I’ll probably wish I had taken you up on the offer to move when the Spring Sand Storms return.

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Betchai, yes, some folks can’t tolerate the cold. I thrive in it. I apprecaite your perspective.

    Cy, look me up should you come. šŸ˜‰