Cool Phone Apps That Should Be Created, But Never Will

February 19, 2013

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Oh, the smartphone. How I love thee. I can do almost anything on the thing: search the web, convert international currency, play the guitar and piano and drums, blog and read blogs, see in the dark, plan meals, and do much more!

The kids and I were lamenting, however, over some glaring omissions in the App Store. How much MORE useful the phone would be if only it had particular apps!

So we came up with a list of apps that SHOULD be developed. But they probably never will. Leave it to us to price that, in some cases, there IS NO app for that. šŸ˜‰

Scissors app. How useful this would be! I could snip that annoying buttonhole thread or cut those skin-slicing plastic price tag loops on clothing!

Tissue box app. Having this on my phone would eliminate the often messy and pocket-cluttering tissues that I must carry with me everywhere I go. I’d even pay 99 cents for this app.

Spray bottle app. I can never get to the spray bottle in time to discipline the misbehaving pets. Since I always have my phone with me, pet behavior would improve dramatically. A spray bottle app would also help me get through the long grocery store checkout lines much faster. Just pretend to sneeze and give a little squirt. Watch the checkout lines part!

Lockpick app. No comment.

Can opener app. This would be SO PERFECT for camping as well as those middle-of-the-night cat feeding emergencies when I just don’t feel like stumbling out of bed at 3am to plop another spoonful of canned cat slop onto her plate.

Keyfinder app. Oh HOW I need this.

Honorable mention apps:
Magnifying lens

So, how about you? If you could build your own Swiss Army Knife smartphone app, what would you consider indispensable?


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