Cranberry Pear Febreze is Much Better

November 27, 2009


If you recall, I did a review on the Febreze Flameless Luminary a few weeks ago. I have a very sensitive nose, and hate pet odors, old cooking odors, and just about everything except a sweet breeze or an Asian Lily! We got a free packet of the Green Tea Citrus fragrance, which is terrible. Febreze was giving away a free sample of their Cranberry Pear shade, which I just received in the mail.


It’s really nice! It’s not pungent and doesn’t sting the nose hairs like the Green Tea shade. The Cranberry Pear shade is actually very nice for this time of year, too. It makes the house seem festive.

Still, the luminary is pricey ($16 or so) and requires batteries to operate. But if you don’t like candles burning around the house (my cat Livvy got a little too close as a kitten and her whiskers are still shriveled!), this might do. There’s also a Vanilla Frost and some cinnamon shade I’d like to try yet. Shades are usually $5 a packet (two shades per packet). Febreze has a special promotion going on, too– send them 6 used luminary shades and get a coupon for a package of 2 free shades. See the details and form here.

Other options are wickless candles and stuff like Glade plugins. But the Glade plugins are WAY too strong and the wickless candles are a tad pricey for me. Still, they are options. And you can always bake bread all day– that’s probably the best scent, EVER! 😀

One Response to “Cranberry Pear Febreze is Much Better”

  1. Becky Says:

    There’s always Scentsy! The original wickless candle company with over 40 warmers and 80 scents that are only $5 each! Check them out on my site!