Crazy Busy!

April 20, 2010


Wow. Spring is a busy time for me, but. Wow.

On rainy days, I’m here in front of the computer, pounding out how-to articles for a few companies. On sunny days, I’m out in the garden, trying to spruce it up before I plug in the seeds and then totally ignore it til harvest time, lol.

On days, I’m blogging or writing articles. On evenings, I’ve got my nose in the home improvement books, learning all over again the basics of rough framing, electrical wiring, and learning about the new PEX plumbing system. Yep, we’re going to do it all. I’m a little nervous, but I’ve got some great backup. Doing it is not hard at ALL– it’s knowing just HOW to do it PERFECTLY (aka, according to local building codes). Right now, I’m baffled about how wide the PEX pipe diameters need to be for the water closet, sink basin, washing machine, and shower! Gah!

ANYWAY. It’s busy. But I’m having fun. I just cannot WAIT until this kitchen renovation is finished. I haven’t even started yet, lol! This week I do some demolition. Plaster and lathe, fun. But I have to get the gardens ready for spring planting first. Once I rip out that first chunk of plaster, it will consume my life for the next four months. *gulp*




AFTER. Kinda. We're still working on it.

Whew Exhaustion

Exhausted. :-p

I’ve written a few How- To posts for ya all. Sorry that they are not chugging out as quickly as they should. But I will definitely get to them, and write them, where possible.

How to Start a Compost, Part 3 (Part 1 and 2 are there, as well).
How to Create a Compressed (Zip) File
How to Customize the Fresh News Woo Themes Header (for you Woo Themes fans out there)

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3 Responses to “Crazy Busy!”

  1. Sheila Sultani Says:

    At least you were smart enough to create your own little work force. Hurry so you can finish it all before they are all out of the house. I don’t know how you do as much as you do – do you sleep?

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Hi Sheila! You are right, I’d better hurry up and get this house renovated before they move out!! As far as sleep.. um… sometimes I do. lol.

  3. James Thomas Says:

    i used to do DIY plumbing at home at my work seems to be on par with regular plumbers.~”`