Crazy Crazy Crazy!

March 13, 2012


funny pictures - This was the last photo  found on the Crazy Cat Lady's camera

From the doldrums to a massive tsunami of activity… yowsa, it’s been CAH-RAZEEE around here. Maybe it’s the sudden burst of warm weather? Not sure. It’s been relatively rainless (we had just a light shower this morning), warm temperatures, sunshine– I think I’ve joined Team Global Warming! Yay, team! Hey I don’t think us Northeasterners have a big problem with warmer temps. Spring is a whole month early! This is great!

Anyway, duty calls. Must run. Ta ta!



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One Response to “Crazy Crazy Crazy!”

  1. Lin Says:

    Mix the warm weather with the time change and I cannot get enough sleep! I’m exhausted! Are you like that too?