Crazy Funny T-Shirts

December 30, 2008



I don’t know if I have had too much coffee today, or just not enough, but I went to this t-shirt store and totally cracked up! My kids, who always come running in the room when they hear my laughter shaking the roof rafters, ran over and said, “What’s so funny?!”



chuck norris forcast

A-team black


chuck norris dont need a weapon

roundhouse-kick-range-photo parsley-photo find-x-photo

BWAHAHAHAHA! I just find them so funny! They are found at Crazy Dog t-shirts. The shirts can be a tiny, little pricey, for t-shirts, at around $18 to $19. But shipping is cheap right now, just $4. It’s a promotional price, so if you want to order, do so now before the promotion ends, otherwise it’s $4.99 for basic shipping and an additional $1 for each item after that. These shirts would make terrific gifts! They have a clearance area where shirts are much less expensive, some as low as $10 or so. And besides humorous t-shirts, Crazy Dog also has hoodies and vintage t-shirts and stuff. The messages are gut-busting funny!

Warning: some of the t-shirts are a little… risque, shall we say. And some have Jesus playing sports, which I don’t like. But most of them have good humor and are just too funny for words! And me, being the Chuck Norris fan that I am, LOVE the Chuck Norris t-shirts. LOVE THESE! Check out the site for more.


P.S. betcha didn’t realize this was a sponsored post, didya? Hehehehe. I do really like this store!

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9 Responses to “Crazy Funny T-Shirts”

  1. brettbum Says:

    I have to get that first t-shirt for my mother-in-law who keeps making amish friendship bread.

  2. tahtimbo Says:

    The Chuck Norris one is my favorite. I went by their site and I also liked the one with the squirrels.
    Congratulations, you have been chosen to receive a most prestigious award, you can drop by my site and pick it up.

  3. The Hawg! Says:

    I’m just THIS close to picking up the A-Team and the Chuck Norris “forecast” ones…

  4. Isolated Existence Says:

    LOL, thanks I needed a laugh! Those are great t-shirts to have. I love the Amish and the Chuck Norris one šŸ™‚

  5. Menstrual Poetry Says:

    Nope, I had no idea this was a sponsored post and I LOVE it. This store is beyond awesome, absolutely love the parsley makes it fancy shirt. Great!

  6. Karen W Says:

    I love those shirts! Too funny. I’ll have to check out the site. I know some people who these kinds of shirts would be PERFECT for!

  7. anajz Says:

    Very cool! Love them all. Found some others that I liked at the website, as well.
    Hope your New Year’s Day is peaceful and pleasant.

  8. Jodi Says:

    I hope you have a wonderful and blessed New Year!


  9. vulcanhammer Says:

    Great shirts! Now I know what I am getting my brother for his birthday in a couple of weeks. Thanks for posting this:)