Cute Doggie Duds

November 13, 2010

My two bits

Our two little Yorkies have acquired a terrific thirst for the great outdoors. My daughter took Mozart along with us on a walk, and then later Cricket, and the rest is history. We can’t bring both dogs out at the same time because we have only ONE collar and one leash. And the collar is Livvy’s. She was visibly upset when she spotted one of the dogs wearing HER collar… but sheesh! she hates it and practically threw it away!
Anyway, it’s getting too cold for the dogs now (Yorkies are very skinny and have thin fur). My daughter wants us to get some cute doggie sweaters for them– you know, like No Roses For Harry. Although, these dogs had better not shred their sweaters! I have seen the prices at the local pet store, and yow, those things are pricey! has a much better price (no surprises there). Regular prices at are better than sales at the pet stores… although has lots of stuff on sale regularly, too.

Look at these ADORABLE doggie duds! They even have little booties for dogs, LOL!

I am very partial to the Monkey Costume, hahah! Those Yorkies sometimes drive me bananas… has a ton of pet supplies: besides warm sweaters and costumes, they have toys, treats, nutritional supplements, pet food, pet supplies, kennels, carriers, everything. They have a nice selection of collars, MUCH better than WallyWorld and the other places. I have to get another collar and leash for the dogs… maybe something extra special for Livvy, since she is so graciously sharing hers…

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One Response to “Cute Doggie Duds”

  1. Storm Says:

    LOL That monkey costume is awesome!