Damart Thermolactyl vs. Old Man Winter

January 24, 2012


That isn’t the name of a new Godzilla movie, as cool as it would be. :grinny: Thermolactyl is a fiber, for a type of ladies and mens thermal underwear. Today, I am reminded of Damart’s thermolactyl on Upstate New York’s traditionally coldest day of the year. My oldest son just informed me that he’s outgrown his long johns (AGAIN). I am never buying that cheapo polyester junk from Wally’s World, never ever. It never lasts and I don’t think it keeps the boys very warm, either. I just found out that I can order Damart clothing ONLINE! Woohoo!! My sons love thermolactyl and Damart makes the BEST thermal underwear ever.

Thermolactyl is very “cool” stuff. For many years, we had a Damart outlet factory nearby and we used to get the most AMAZING clothing. You could wear Damart thermal underwear with a flannel shirt and be as warm as toast on a cold New York day. It looks very nice, too, for both women and men. The ladies garments are in pretty colors and have nice trim. The men’s clothing is very attractive– masculine colors, ribbed designs, and even with turtleneck collars. My sons love stuff like that. This type of clothing keeps the body warm but still allows skin the breathe and perspiration to evaporate. So when the guys are shoveling in sub-zero temperatures, they still feel warm without that cold, clammy feel on their skin. Damart makes the best stuff. It’s the preferred type of winter clothing for sports enthusiasts up here, too. It’s been difficult to find in retail stores because the garments fly off the shelves.

I always wondered why they called it “thermolactyl.” Was it named for the winged dinosaur or something? Actually, Damart invented the fiber in the 1950s. It has a zillion little air pockets that trap warmth from the skin but allows perspiration to evaporate through the fibers. This is very important because when you are outside in the cold, because it’s the trapped perspiration that freezes onto the regular clothing and makes your body temperature drop. Damart makes thermolactyl clothing like cardigans, vests, jeans, and more. I like it because it doesn’t add that uncomfortable bulk common in other winter clothing. Ever try to wear jeans with flannel lining? VERY uncomfortable. And after a little while, it’s freezing cold because the flannel traps perspiration.

Still, I couldn’t find out why Damart calls its long underwear material “thermolactyl.” I understand the “thermo” part, but “lactyl”? Do you have any idea?

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