March 3, 2012

Dear Diary

I have never really felt compelled to write a post a day here but I do start to get a little concerned with myself when I have only written one or two a week. Because I maintain so many other blogs and websites, I’m usually always writing something, just not here. Yet for the past two weeks or so, I’ve been AWOL from them all, for the most part.

I’ve been busy writing new articles. I got hired by another company and things have finally started to pick up a little. I’m so grateful for the work but professional writing is no piece of cake. I got hit with THREE rewrites in two days. Even though the communication problem between me and the client was probably an honest one (other writers were hit with rewrites from this client, too), they were still rewrites. Pro writing is wrought with tension. You have to know your topic (or do a heck of a lot of research first), you have to write succinctly yet meet the usually large word count. You have to use impeccable grammar and proofread the piece to death. And then when it’s all said and done, you hope what you submitted pleases the client. Whew. So after a couple of 800-word, War-and-Peace-style theses, I’m a little too tuckered for blogging.

funny pictures - Mai sunbeem been gone berry longtiem.

I’m also doing a lot of daydreaming. šŸ™‚ Spring is a-coming and the fresh breezes fill my little head with all sorts of ideas for new projects. A new shelf here, a built-in cabinet there, a whole new bathroom here and here and here…. oh yeah. Plus, I’m going to New York City again and am very excited about the trip. I’m going to peruse some of the sights in Washington Heights (unfamiliar territory) so I’ve been scouring Google Earth to get my bearings. And I’m also doing more reading again. I was always a voracious reader and I think it largely fueled my blogging activities. I stopped reading so much after I began writing full time, though. But now I am trying to pick up again. Right now, I’m reading The Testimony of Watchman Nee and a book he authored Love Not the World which are very sobering. And I’m spending time every day reading through the New Testament again, in order.

Sometimes I feel that the blogging udder is dry, that I have nothing more to give to the blogs. I’ve always been a gal with diversified interests but after a couple of years things do slow down a bit. I’ve been around long enough to know that these kinds of thoughts are par for the course– they wax and wane for every blogger and there comes a time when you must reassess your goals. I don’t have any intention of stopping (I just paid for another year of web hosting!) but I’m obviously having a slow spell. Knowing me, things will pick up soon and the frentically blazing steam engine will roar once again. Especially after a few cups of my daughter’s high octane coffee.

funny pictures - Think  you  better  get  started  on  your  New  Year's  resolutions.  So  many  improvements  needed,  and  so  little  time.

Everybody goes through these kinds of seasons– a time to learn, a time to give, a time to reflect, a time to be silent, a time to learn and give all over again, and on it goes.

What have you been doing lately? Have you been a blogging fiend or have you slowed down to recoup?


4 Responses to “Daydreaming”

  1. Rena Says:

    I have been posting on my two blogs more than usual. At first I was thinking of trying my hand at writing for money but have been mulling
    over that lately. Sometimes I tend to start walking towards something
    before praying about it. So, I have forced myself to not make a decision
    right now and allow God to lead me towards an answer.

    What I really need to do though is bring back my daily Bible reading.
    I will admit that I have not read my Bible every day lately. Sure I will read different verses on the internet and devotions in my email but its not the same. I miss my quiet time with God. I allowed other things to take priority, it wasn’t something that I set out to do but it happened slowly.

    That is what I have trouble with, I put other things as priority even if it wasn’t a plan, it happens. Slowly, things creep into our daily lives and we end up so busy and wrapped up in other things that our quiet time with God gets the back burner.

    So, this is what I am trying to change in my life now.

    Right now I have been in a reading and writing phase. I absolutely love to read. I have been to the library a lot lately and look forward to finding more Christian books. When I surround myself with godly things then I am inspired to read my Bible more.

    I have been reading the Psalms and truly enjoy them. Whatever season we are in regarding our lives, there is a Psalm for it. My study Bible has a section that directs to you certain Psalms for whatever trial or celebration that is in your life. I never noticed that section before until last week. I copied it down on a homemade bookmark. Its a priceless resource that speaks to our heart from God.

  2. Karen and Gerard Says:

    I cut back to just two blogs now instead of four which relieved some of the pressure I was feeling. Hearing about those rewrites, I’m glad I am not a professional writer! My pets and trips to the vet have been occupying much of my time lately, just got some bad news about Manny Boy, my now under weight cat! Looks like I’ll be spending another $600 for him in the next two week for more dental work.

  3. Susi Says:

    I’m still trying to get my bearings in this blogosphere but even I have days were I just don’t want to bother. With 3 small children still at home and working around their schedules it can get crazy. I take it one day at a time and see what comes next. I can only imagine how much more involved it is for you…

  4. Secondary Roads Says:

    Not blogging very much lately. I’ve been recovering from a round of carpal tunnel syndrome. Fortunately, it has worked and now I’m changing hosting packages to add a self-hosted blog (using WordPress). I’m doing that for my personal Internet presence and also for the church for the same reason. Thanks for the help and encouragement you’ve been thus far. Okay, and thanks to the coffee which helps me do it faster and with more energy. šŸ™‚