Did You Check Yet?

May 29, 2010


Right now is a great time to grab some outstanding deals on electronics. Buy.com has released their weekly sale email flyer; it’s stuffed with some really terrific stuff! I saw this Toshiba 1Terabyte eSATA external hard drive… under $100!!! That stinks, actually, because I got a generic name external HDD recently, and it is only 500GB and it cost me $120. :-p I guess a girl can never have too many external hard drives, though, right? 😀 It’s definitely a sweet deal on a superior name brand. I am a Toshiba fan, through and through.

Another very nice item I found is an e-book reader, on sale for…. you ready? ….. $140!! E-book readers are SO expensive, I can’t justify paying $200, $250 for one! No way! But Buy.com has a couple on sale right now. Be sure to check the link that says “Weekend Deals” and “Weekly Sales.” You can also get the deals emailed to you. Believe me– stuff goes fast!

By the way, Buy.com goes overboard to please. They have superb customer service, fast shipping, and great prices. They also have promotional and informative videos on a lot of the products they sell. For example, there’s a good one for that Toshiba external HDD that is very good. The videos explain the product a little more, and sometimes even give Buy.com’s take on the product. It’s a very helpful service, I think. I always like to get detailed information about stuff I buy online.

Yay for Buy.com! I love them! 😀

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