Don’t Be So Sensitive!

March 26, 2010


I have very sensitive teeth. I used to have such GREAT teeth as a young lady (whine whine), but after having children, my teeth changed (along with everything else). It’s not the poor kids’ fault; I should have taken vitamins and eaten better. And NOT believed those stupid maternal health books that said nothing changes after pregnancy, you’ll be fine! Well, after having #4, I had to have six teeth removed.

And NO it wasn’t any front teeth! Otherwise, I’d look like


I had the wisdom teeth removed, and two back ones. 🙁 Bad enough. I have to gum my carrots to death, you know. Where’s the dignity in that?

Well anyway, besides missing a handful of teeth, I also have a few teeth that have been “honed down” for crowns. I even have a gold molar tooth– it’s so cool! 😀 But yowsa a few of my pearly whites are sensitive. So when I was asked to try out the new Crest Pro-Health Sensitive Shield toothpaste, I jumped at the chance. I would really be able to notice it, if this stuff really worked. Here’s what I found out:


The toothpaste smells and tastes like mild root beer. I happen to love root beer. MMMMM. It was tempting just to guzzle the tube of paste in one sitting… but I have an advertiser who is expecting me to try it out, so… I brushed with the recommended “pea size” amount.

Wow, man, I feel GREAT! :jittery:

Seriously, the first time you use it, it makes your teeth feel “full.” It’s a weird sensation– I don’t know if I am describing it well enough– but it’s a cool feeling. It eventually went away as I continued to use the product. But so far, so good. I can drink supra-hot coffee and tea (I prefer my drinks to be RIGHT out of the boiling pot) and my teeth are great. The paste is like paste– it’s very smooth and it doesn’t produce a lot of foam like the other pastes out there (I hate the foaming pastes!). It tastes marvelous!


The stats on Crest Pro-Health Sensitive Shield are impressive:

  • It offers sensitive teeth protection by “filling” in the tiny pores of teeth with stannous flouride. It’s an interesting concept. Previous “toothpaste technology” has attempted to fill in the dental pores, but this new stuff, developed by Dr. Richard Gerlach, protects the nerves in the teeth. This is from a Proctor&Gamble news release:

    Crest Pro-Health Sensitive Shield contains the active ingredient Stannous Fluoride which reduces sensitivity by blocking the painful triggers from stimulating nerves inside the tooth. Stannous Fluoride also binds to enamel to create a micro-thin shield around the tooth protecting it from future encounters with stimuli, such as hot and cold drinks or foods.

    Scientific, even. :grinny:

  • The toothpaste doesn’t *just* help with sensitivity; it’s an “all bases covered” kind of product, in that it includes protection from cavities, gingivitis, plaque, tartar, sensitivity, whitening and fresh breath, too.
  • There are accessories, too: the Crest Pro-Health Floss for Sensitive Gums, so you’re not raking your gums to floss– the Pro-Health floss is a lot gentler and softer.
  • The Oral-B CrossAction® Gentle Clean Brush, which sports strategically-placed bristles for brushing out plaque but not scraping off your gums!

So the stuff is very impressive. Modern technology!

One note: I think you have to keep using the stuff for it to be consistently effective. I know, “DUH, Rebecca!” For some reason, I thought it would be some kind of cure-all: use it once, problems solved forever. You see, I stopped using it for a few days. I went to drink some ice water, and WOOOHOOO 8-O! Surely, the sensitivity wasn’t as bad as it had been for me previously, but the ice water did affect my teeth. So I’m back on the toothpaste, and so far, so good.

Crest Pro-Health Sensitive Shield is sold at most stores. It’s $3.39 at, and $4.99 Walgreens. That’s somewhat pricey for toothpaste, but some places may have sales or better pricing.

Remember, I’m a pro-blogger and I am sometimes compensated with stuff or money to review or mention products or services! This was one of them. 😀 You can read more about my blog policy on my My Pledge page.

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3 Responses to “Don’t Be So Sensitive!”

  1. Secondary Roads Says:

    After having a crown installed a couple of years ago, I had very sensitive teeth for about 18 months. I used a gel that I had to hold in my mouth for a time that seemed just short of eternity. Eventually it worked and today I enjoy hot coffee or ice cream without wanting to jump and yell. This tooth paste should be a lot easier to use than the stuff I tried. They both use the same active ingredient.

  2. Jen Says:

    I have sensitive teeth now too. I never thought to blame it on having kids. I also now have three gold crowns, I’m gansta that way. Luckily they are in the back and you can’t see them. Haven’t lost any yet.

    I don’t have a problem with hot but cold is a problem. I am a die hard P&G consumer so trying a different kind of Crest is no problem.

    I was at Target yesterday and I was going to get a toothbrush. Just a regular toothbrush. There were too many different kind to choose from. After standing there looking at them for over 15 minutes I left, without a toothbrush, and decided to come back when I had more time to ponder all the different things I might need.

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Chuck– very interesting about the gel you used. Wow, I had no idea there was such a product available.

    Jen– all those gold teeth! A veritable pirate you are! I love my gold tooth. I often show it to little kids, to impress them. Kids are so cute.

    I feel your pain about toothbrushes. I just want to grab a BASIC TOOTHBRUSH that will last me SIX MONTH. I am not shopping for a new car, here! Egads, it’s all so complex these days. Don’t get me going on shampoo!!