Don’t Forget my Smelly Towel Contest!

January 13, 2010


It’s been crazy busy here, has it been for you? I hit the ground RUNNING every morning, and I’m busy all day. This has been going on for about three or four weeks now. I’m getting old, I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up!

Well, amongst all this busyness, I DO have a contest going on, you know. It’s a really easy one, and the prize is a free bottle of the powdered Smelly Towel. This stuff is pretty neat- it gets the stink out of clothes. The men’s clothes get PREEEEETTTTY stinky with all that shoveling– Smelly Towel washed it out. Plus, it removed that sour musty smell from the linens and towels.

You can get a free bottle, and it’s very easy to enter: Go to my post here and leave a comment, for one entry. There are other ways to get multiple entries, too. You can read about how to do it at the post.

Smelly Towel


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