Don’t Forget!

May 12, 2011


Sprrriiiingggg is HERE! Yes yes! And now that the threat of snow is FINALLY over, I can turn my attentions to all the work I need to do around here. And there’s a lot. Besides finishing up a lot of the small, incomplete renovation work around here, there’s the yard work. The flood and the deer wiped out a lot of my gardens. I have to rebuild some of the beds, replant stuff, etc. I also have to start my vegetable garden. No, I haven’t started it yet. *ashamed*

This year, I’m going to squeeze every red cent that I can on everything I buy. Garden plants and tools are SO SO expensive. I’m going to order some stuff online. Did you know you can order plants and bulbs and seeds online? I have ordered from quite a few companies, and I have found that you get what you pay for. That is, if you buy plants from a cheapo, discount nursery, you’re going to get cheapo plants. So I tend to choose varieties from more reputable companies. And I always go to to look for deals, too. has tons and tons of coupons, notices about sales and discounts, and they even have a question-and-answer type of service where you can ask when or where to get something you need at a discount, and a member will try to help you! Pretty neat. šŸ™‚

Got any projects this spring and summer? You may find a great deal online with coupons and Check them out!


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