Dragon Breath

September 29, 2008


I’ve looked at the calendar and realized that, since late July, I have spent more time with my feet up (due to the herniated disk in my back) than on my feet. 😐 UGH. That’s a lot of time laying around. No wonder my gardens are riddled with weeds… Anyone who knows what it’s like to be on bed rest knows that it STINKS after 3 or 4 days. I am a writer– I write articles and advertisements– and do a lot of typing on my computer. It has been a very difficult task, typing while reclining.

While at the doctor’s office, I noticed one of the doctors talking into a handheld recording device. He was talking about someone’s condition and was taking verbal notes onto the recorder, to be transcribed later. I thought, “I want something like that for my computer!” I could talk, and my words could be recorded as type into my computer. Not only would it save loads of time (everyone I know talks faster than they type), it would be so wonderful for someone like me, where typing is almost impossible in a reclined position.

Guess what? Some cool guy already invented such a thing! I am floored by the technology. It’s called Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred. You talk, the software spits your words onto a document. It’s pretty amazing! Here’s the

I can see how this would help so many people! Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard enables you to “verbally type” up to 150 words per minute without forming blisters on your fingertips (or your keyboard smoking, ha!). And this could constitute a whole new world for people who podcast or need transcriptions, such as the doctor I saw in the office.

A verbal program would take some getting used to, I suppose. But it would mean much faster writing and transcription. And it would also mean that I wouldn’t have to crane my neck to type while lying in bed. 😀 I think it’s terrific! What do you think? < <

4 Responses to “Dragon Breath”

  1. anajz Says:

    I just tried to send you an email through your contact button (twice) and I received an error message. Just wanted to let you know.

  2. Broadway Matron Says:

    Dragon-Speak has been around for a number of years. If you have a Windows PC running XP you also a speech-to-text program built in. Not a new concept but with every version it gets better and better. There are other programs besides Dragon Speak out there but they seem to get the best reviews…Just saying

  3. Karen C. Says:

    A few years back, I bought that program for my friend’s computer that I was setting up. I told her to wait till I could come back and help her install it, but she was too impatient. She asked another friend who was visiting to set it up for her. Well, he was visiting from Germany and had a very strong accent. He used his voice in the set-up and my friend wasn’t able to get her program to work properly because she couldn’t do the German accent.

  4. mdtm Says:

    i need this, too. i spent most of the times in the computer that my fingers sometimes mess with other letters other than i want the ones i anted pressed in the keyboard.