Easy Search for Lease Purchase Homes

January 19, 2010


Boy, things really have improved, thanks to the Internet. My daughter had to complete a school assignment today; and we had to go to the local library and search through BOOKS to answer her questions. It was really weird. I am used to typing searches all day. But we had to pore through the Almanac and Barlett’s Quotes and more… it was so tough!

In the same way, finding a home has really improved. When we were looking for our home a decade ago, the only recourse I had for finding something for sale was to walk down the street looking for empty houses, or sift through the only real estate paper in town. :-p Now, however– there’s the Net! Yay!

If you are looking for a lease purchase home, turn to the web. It is SO easy. The LeasePurchaseSearch website has a great listing of homes you can lease to own. There are listings for every area in the country, from Lease Purchase Chicago properties to more. And the website has helpful tips and articles about the program. The searches produce detailed snippets of properties available, with contact information and more. I would have loved something like this when I was searching for a home!

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