Entrecard Ire

March 28, 2008


I’ve had Entrecard on this blog for a few weeks now. I’ve also read SCADS and SCADS of posts about Entrecards– how you can pimp the system, get more credits, sell credits, fanagle the widgets, make and use plugins… blah blah blah. I’m not a big dropper for this blog, anyway. Who has all that time?! And where do people get all that time to build plugins, create complicated Top 100 Droppers Lists, and fabricate and maintain contests?!

Well, I’ve come to some conclusions of my own.

–>   I will not– under no circumstances– advertise my card on a blog who dumps the widget at the bottom of their blog. That is so rude, and it just screams, “HATE ME.” So if you have your Entrecard at the bottom, or have it squeezed between those phony Entrecard images (you scheisters know who you are), kiss traffic from me good-bye.

–>   There is NO EXCUSE for 0 clicks. I have spent countless credits on blogs– some as high as 600 credits per day– with ZERO return. This is uncalled for. We are supposed to do this together, right? If you are at someone’s blog and you drop your card, is it TOO HARD to click the advertisement? For Pete’s sake, you get the chance to drop another card, anyway! 0 click-thru’s is criminal in the Entrecard system. I say we start an “I Click” movement amongst us.

–>   The higher the cost of the blog, the fewer the clicks. I’m not saying it’s a totally scientific conclusion, but it’s just something I have noticed. The “middle-class” blogs are the ones that give me the highest click-thru rate.

–>   The best time to drop cards is between 2 and 3am. Eastern Time. I have seen more traffic when I get my widget’s face in everyone’s drop inbox then.

So before you scoffers come out of the woodwork and pick on my little blog and my scanty droppings (oo that didn’t come out right), :-p on you. Cuz I have three other blogs in the Entrecard system, and I am a top-dropper for two of them. I think I’m qualified to speak my opinion.

😀 Thanks for listening!


8 Responses to “Entrecard Ire”

  1. Adam Nantel Says:

    Thanks for the info! I’m pretty new to this entrecard business so I don’t really know how it works yet.

  2. Matt Hanson Says:

    Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

    Matt Hanson

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Hey Adam, my pleasure! I’m always happy to dole out my opinions. It’s nice to know people listen sometimes. 😉

  4. waterrose Says:

    Great post. I’m new to entrecard…as you can see from the ec’s it cost to advertise. I have read in other places that some people suggest that you put your card closer to the bottom to get people to look at more of your blog….who know! All I know is I spend more time on the computer now than I ever have!

  5. 1stopmom Says:

    I agree with you. We are supposed to be helping one another. That is why I try to let the price of advertising on my sites go down to make it a little more “affordable”. One of my big pet peeves is when I click on the site and have to look and look for the entrecard! Sometimes I can not even find one!! I have found that I have the best luck with some of the parenting and finance blogs/sites. The entrecard is usually very easy to find. I keep mine at the very top, I mean isn’t it supposed to be above the fold? Thanks for a good post, I needed to vent.

  6. Bob O Says:

    Oh man do I feel your pain with this post! I at least try to make an effort to comment on people’s blogs that I find an interesting post. I am so tired of looking at my sitemeter view duration and seeing drops with view durations of 0:00..seriously..WTF? I agree..thought this was about reciprocating traffic and generating business for one another. My dashboard says I’ve dropped well over 800 cards..but I only have 60 or so consistent droppers..that just pass through! It takes me hours to drop my cards…guess I’m more of a reader than a dropper! Excellent post!

  7. Rebecca Says:

    Thanks for your comments, people! Looks like I’ve touched a nerve a little. You know, somethings I think that the Entrecards really ARE on a person’r blog, but it doesn’t always show up. Sometimes (esepcially evenings EST), the Entrecard website has problems and is very slow. I get a lot of errors. When I refresh the page, the Entrecrad shows up after a while. So I don’t think people are taking down their cards– I think server problems at Entrecards does not show them.

    Only thing you can do is be perseverant and keep dropping! I’ll be sure to drop my card and visit your sites!

  8. renee - 21st Century Parenting Says:

    you are SO RIGHT!! i have just followed my intuition and clicked through people’s ads. (and i often visit the blog’s SPONSORS too!!) – it’s all about some click love!