Every Climate Can Have an Outdoor Kitchen?!

December 23, 2009


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Werever Products Inc. All opinions are 100% mine.

Now that I’m planning a kitchen renovation for next summer, I’m hitting the books again, looking for ideas. A lot of my old kitchen magazines mention “outdoor kitchens.” I thought it was a fad. I mean, outdoor kitchens in Texas, maybe! In California, maybe! But in the Northeast– NO WAY! Boy, am I mistaken. For one, outdoor kitchens are not a fad– they are actually growing in popularity. And two, outdoor kitchens are possible even in the “tough” climate locations, such as Upstate New York. I don’t think we could ever have cushy padded furniture like you Texans and Californians can, but the outdoor kitchen is completely possible here, with stuff like weatherproof cabinetry and etc. The company, Werever Products, builds outdoor kitchen cabinetry that can be “completely soaked.” That sounds like the perfect stuff for New York State, all right! The cabinetry has a lifetime warranty, and the company carries other products such as grills, appliances, and more. It’s pretty neat to see so many options! And they even have a waterproof outdoor tv cabinet to give your outdoor kitchen a relaxing “outdoor living room” ambiance to it. Wow!

I will eventually have an outdoor kitchen of some sort. In the summer, cooking in the house gets unbearably hot; I use my little grill and a small table for cooking during the summer, but there’s no secure cabinetry out there, and, frankly, it’s an unpleasant job to cook off a tiny grill with no solid setup. We have plans on building a pergola to the back of the house– some waterproof cabinets and a larger grill would make the cooking SO much more enjoyable!

Werever Products supplies every state in the United States (even Alaska and Hawaii). The cabinets are very beautiful, made from solid marine-grade polymer. You have to see the designs to believe it! The company has a design staff to answer questions, provide price quotes, and help you design your outdoor kitchen. Take a peek!

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4 Responses to “Every Climate Can Have an Outdoor Kitchen?!”

  1. The Other Alice Says:

    Hmmm… I wonder if those cabinets or their contents could stand against flooding? And what are you going to do if it snows? Interesting, still.

    • Rebecca Says:

      It says the cabinets are waterproof. They’re made of plastic. When it snows, well, I don’t cook outside that day. 😀 Unless you all want snowcones.:D

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  3. Denny Says:

    Outdoor kitchens are viable in all climates. I first constructed a modular framed 20 foot outdoor kitchen some 7 years ago with superior results. The exterior is brick, which is the same material on the front of the house, and the countertop is granite. We have built others with vertical surfaces finished in commercial stucco or natural stone or cultured stone.
    The cabinet structure is made from gavanized steel studs (rust proof) and waterproof backer board. The structure is state-of-the-art and could be built to accomodate any outdoor appliances.
    Visitors have had a difficult time guessing the age of the kitchen because it looks remarkably new. I chose quality stainless steel doors, drawers, grills, sink and outdoor refrigerator. I do not cover it in the winter. I live in Northeast Ohio and we average 55 inches of snow per winter. We cooked out the day after Christmas and what a treat!