Every Writer Needs a Cat

September 24, 2009

My two bits

Every good writer needs a cat, especially a polydactyl cat. Cats cultivate creativity, didn’t you know?

Cats sit in front of you while you work, clogging up your computer monitor and keyboard with silky cat fur. Dogs don’t do that.

Livvy on My Desk4

Cats nuzzle your chin and sweetly beg for requited love when you’ve got a deadline to meet. Dogs don’t do that.

Livvy on My Desk3

Cats fit on the very small areas of your desk without knocking things over (uh, most of the time). Most dogs can’t do that.

Livvy on My Desk1

Cats sit on top of your calendar and bat your sticky notes around. Dogs don’t do that. (Dogs just eat the calendars and sticky notes.)

Can you see Livvy’s polydactyl paw? She’s a real special cat, a writer’s cat! šŸ˜‰ All the more toes to bat the sticky notes!

Livvy on My Desk2

The cat and “mouse.” So perfect together. “Dog and mouse” just don’t have that creative cadence to it.

Yep, every writer needs a cat. And good writers have lots of cats. Just recall Ernest Hemingway and his houseful of polydactyl cats– his writing abilities multiplied every time he acquired another cat, did you know that?

I think one polydactyl cat is enough for me (right now). Alack, I’m doomed to a mediocre writing career. But at least my house won’t smell like pervasive cat litter….

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11 Responses to “Every Writer Needs a Cat”

  1. VH Says:

    Yup, I have two of them and they can get quite ornery when they demand attention. Hemingway had a whole bunch of cats!

  2. Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" Says:

    I like this! I love when my cats come around while I’m at the computer. Don’t know if they help my writing any though.

  3. ann Says:

    You’ve got a beautiful cat. I used to have one that always had to lay right in front of the monitor so that I couldn’t see what I was doing. That and laying on any paper I left out.

  4. Roschelle Says:

    I have two. Seymour (he’s a year old) and Coco (she’s 6 mos. old). Coco never gives me a break she loves to sit in my lap while the laptop is in MY LAP! She wants to be stroked and wants to rub noses the entire time I’m online. It’s a little annoying but so very endearing….I love ’em both! :shades:

  5. Isolated Existence Says:

    Your cat is beautiful, I love the eyes! I have one and it’s enough. We all have allergies so it wouldn’t be a good idea to get another one. Plus he wouldn’t allow it, lol. He gets very angry and starts hissing… :explode:

    PS. I have an award for you on my Blog… šŸ˜‰


  6. Nyanko Says:

    I love your cat, very beautiful! We have a proverb that says “I want to borrow the hands of cats.”, that means “I’m so busy that even I hope cats would help me”.
    Well, in Japan, we think “cat” is another name of “lazy bones”, but I think that’s just the charming points of cats!

  7. Your Daily Cute Says:

    All of this is so true! My Moo manages to get riiiight in front of my computer, between me and my keyboard and just nuzzle all over my face. I can’t do a thing while he’s there, but I can’t really complain either… he’s just so darn cute!

  8. Yanjiaren Says:

    I love catz lol.Is he into windows or mac rofl?

  9. Rachel Says:

    I completely agree. :^)

    I do not, however, have a polydactyl feline. I do have a sweet silver tabby I nursed from 3 days old. I love the special bond we share and YES! the cute cuddly inspiration she gives me is priceless as a writer.

  10. Staci at Just Bloggled Says:

    I have to disagree as far as the keyboard is concerned. Somehow my chihuahua mix manages to cover my keyboard in dog hairs several times a day, even though he sits at my feet instead of on the keyboard. I’ll use this little computer dust brush to wipe them off, and an hour later they’re back again.

    I’ve learned the hard way it’s better that dogs don’t sit near the screen. My other dog was sitting next to me while talking to my nephew on Skype. She wasn’t afraid of him, but when he had me turn the screen to her and she saw herself in the little video box, she freaked out and barked and screamed like someone was killing her. That’s right, she was afraid of herself. I’m sure cats don’t do that either.

  11. Tina Says:

    I have a beautiful black cat named Olivia (I call her Livvey)
    that has to be with me and on my keyboard when I work on the computer!!