February: Taxes and Insurance Time….

February 21, 2011


We haven’t altered our insurance– any of it– in probably 10 years. UGH. This is the year, I guess. Since we renovated the house, we need to make note that the wiring is no longer from 1920!!! Yay! I hope that saves us something on our premium, or at least gives us better coverage. Have you noticed how home insurance has skyrocketed?! Ours has probably tripled in 10 years. INSANE.

Our car insurance is also updating. I know, big whoop, insurance. The Hubs worked in insurance for awhile, and thankfully can untangle the “insurance-ese” language of the policies. It’s all very dry to me.

Did you know that, in the olden days way before insurance, when someone was hurt or their house burned or someone died, the neighbors would pass a hat for a collection, to help the family? Such a practice was a precursor to the affordable life insurance today. I think it’s a wonderful gesture. But what if you lived in a tiny neighborhood, or had uncaring neighbors, or didn’t even LIVE in a neighborhood? And what about plans for kids or other stuff? That’s where the idea for insurance companies grew, like Allianz Life Insurance– they managed the money for folks who wanted to set aside cash “just in case.” Especially if grandpa wanted an elaborate funeral, say. BurialInsurance.org, for example, would cover the expense, instead of having his kids and grandkids go bankrupt to pay for it. When my grandma died, I got some of her old letters and papers. One of the papers was an old receipt for the funeral for her father, in 1962. It has a list of all the expenses. Whew. My great-grandma couldn’t pay for it, so my grandma did (which is why I have the receipt).

And when we got a loan for the renovation expenses, they offered me life insurance. I was floored when they said I could get life insurance with no medical exam! All the previous policies mandated it. The times, they are a-changin’.

So. February. *sigh* Taxes and insurance policies. Fun times…

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