Feeling Yukky

June 25, 2008

Dear Diary

I’m exhausted today. Usually I am pretty perky, but lately my energy has been rock-bottom. I pulled out my back (*again*!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrr!) and have been off my feet for a few days. So my therapy at the gym has been put on hold until I get better. I drink too much coffee, I know, and that tends to give me instant perkiness, but then saps my strength later. And I’ve gotten out of the newly-formed habit of taking my vitamins. I guess I really wonder if the vitamins do anything?! I never feel better after taking them. I’d read that those big vitamin pills are very inefficient, because your body finds it hard to absorb the ingredients. There is NO WAY I’m ever going to be taking vitamin shots, though!

I’ve been reading and hearing about something called Sublingual B-12, from Trivita. It’s a unique kind of vitamin, because you don’t swallow it. Rather, the little tablet goes under your tongue, where it dissolves. This aids in the absorption of the nutrients. I have been pondering trying them out, and they way I’ve been feeling lately, maybe I should procrastinate no longer. I think I really should

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