Finally, Budgeting Software That’s Simple!

November 26, 2009


I’ve tried quite a number of financial and budgeting software– MS Money, Quicken, and some free stuff online. Whoa, whoa! Waaaay too complicated. I just want to BUDGET, not plan my retirement, trade my stocks, cash in silver or gold, and chat with Bernanke! I *just* want to budget. How about you?

There’s some new envelope budgeting software in town, folks. You know that reliable envelope budgeting system? Where you tuck your paycheck cash in envelopes? That’s become more difficult, now that banking, bill paying, and direct deposit are done electronically. NeoBudget can help with it all. It manages your budget money with virtual envelopes, calculating expenses, and more. There’s a very informative video at the website. I like it. I think I may just try this. It’s free for 7 days, and after that it’s $2.50 a month (or less expensive if you pay per year). This could solve a lot of budgeting woes and it’s a very simple and straightforward program!

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