Finding a Home For Rent

May 29, 2010


Finding a house can be SO hard. I know! I spent a few years hunting for our current money pit beautiful abode. 😀 Actually, owning a home is terrific. It’s a lot of work, but I’ve never been afraid of hard work. There are many, many blessings to owning a home. However, it can be expensive– VERY expensive. I know quite a few people who would rather not own a house right now, which is very understandable. There exist some affordable housing options, but they are limited. However, apartment living is the pits. What’s a person to do?! Why, rent a house, of course! Before we bought out house, we looked for a house to rent. It was impossible! I never found one. It seems that Homes 4 Rent By Owner are not advertised very much?

Back then, we didn’t have the Internet. But today, there’s a whole wide world open! Check out if you are looking for a home for rent by owner. The site is comprehensive, and it’s geared toward browsing for specifics, such as square footage, price, and even amenities. I think the website is well done. It’s free to search for listings! Pass this site along to anyone you know who’s needing a new place, especially when home ownership and apartment living won’t do.


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