Flames of Fire

August 18, 2008

Family, Homeschool

My daughter Injane made a video, about the missions to the Auca Indians of Ecuador. It brought tears to my eyes. She plays guitar and sings the song in the video, too.

And to think that InJane didn’t even know her way around a computer last year! (She kept saying she had no interest in it). Now she is making videos and music… I’d better think about getting a computer with more ram and a better processor!


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6 Responses to “Flames of Fire”

  1. Carole Says:

    Wow, that was awesome! And my goodness, your daughter’s beautiful guitar playing and singing too – you must be so proud. Thank you (and her) for sharing this, I’m going to show my DD tomorrow, how inspiring!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Thanks, Carole. 😀

  3. anajz Says:

    What a beautiful voice. I know you must be proud!

  4. Monica Says:

    Wow. This is absolutely beautiful work. Her singing and playing the guitar is perfect.

    I didn’t know about this story, and I got to learn it through your daughters *eyes*. Absolutely beautiful. Please tell her thank you.

  5. Injane Says:

    I did a lot of research on the story when I was doing a research paper project for school (i.e. homeschool). I read the book Through the Gates of Splendor and Shadow of the Almighty: the Life and Testament of Jim Elliot. I was completely blown away. I did some more research online and was literally brought to my knees in a flood of tears. The only words I could find to say were the ones uttered by Sojourner Truth at her conversion: “Oh God. Oh God, how big you be.” It is so huge that I am left speechless, and I still get overwhelmed when I remember what I learned. I am overwhelmed by the devotion, the mission, the cost, the results.
    Later, we kids saw the documentary “Beyond the Gates of Splendor.” At some parts we laughed till our sides hurt, and at others we were drying our faces and I was just weeping, probably because I had some other knowledge about the story that the others didn’t. I read that the Aucas who speared the men said that as they were attacking the missionaries and were about to spear them, the men pointed to the sky and then to the earth and said the word in their attackers’ language for “Father.” The Indians now know that they were trying to tell them the Gospel message before they died in what little they knew of their language.
    Some of the martyrs left behind children that would have no physical memory of them, one an only child not yet a year old, and another yet unborn.

    The most amazing element of the story is LOVE; the five men had guns, they could defend themselves, but they said they would not harm the Aucas if they attacked them. They said, “We are ready for heaven; they are not.” When Rachel Saint and Elisabeth Elliot later told this to the Aucas (whose real name is the Waorani), they were astonished, for they knew this is not human nature. Now, many of their tribe have given up their old ways, and are living as God Followers, walking His trail and calling others to follow.

    Once, a foreigner came to their village and expressed dismay that the missionaries were changing the Waorani culture. One of the Waorani God Followers said, “Yes! They did change it, and if they hadn’t, you would have been speared on sight!” I think the story really challenges us who would die for our country; would we die for something invisible? Would we lay down our lives for the naked savages because if they die, they will spend an eternity in HELL? “For the love of Christ compels us…” (2 Corinthians 5:14)

    Jim Elliot never saw his only daughter walk around on her own two little feet; but he had prayed for “a host of children”, for sons to guide in the faith. His death brought him many sons and many daughters in the faith. Many people, including some Quichua Indians whom he had been working among, were so influenced by his example and desire to “be an exhibit to the value of knowing God”, that some decided to go to the mission field, others to give themselves to full-time ministry to reach souls, and others just to live their daily lives with zeal for God and concern for the souls of people around them. This story has hugely impacted my faith; I too want to be a flame, consumed by God. This story is definately worth looking into, for anybody.


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