Flipping For FitFlops

May 24, 2008

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I’m having a blast with my new membership at the health club. It’s helping my back and abdominal muscles already! Even after five days, I feel healthier! I haven’t had to take any medication in a long time, so it’s helping on the medical bills, too. I used to be in such good shape– I took dancing in drama school– but after having four children and injuring my back, I’m a ball o’ skin. So I’m looking for every opportunity to muscle up again (and stay far, far away from those terrible pain medications, too). Every little bit of beneficial activity helps. You girls know what I mean.

So I am enthralled with what I found online, something called Fitflops. Isn’t that just the coolest name?! Apparently these FitFlops are just that– they make you fit while you flop. LOL. Flip-flop shoes are very popular in the summer, so some smart person invented these Fit Flops. They are all the rage in the UK, because they give your legs and “bum” a terrific workout merely by walking. I think they are extremely stylish, don’t you? They look much, much more comfortable than those cheapo, flat flip-flops that I find at WalMart. Better still, get those legs toned up while you Fit Flop! This amazing footwear found at “SweatyBetty,” rofl!

One Response to “Flipping For FitFlops”

  1. Lady Banana Says:

    I’ve seen ads for these fit flops in several places and I’d love to know how they really are!