Flipping Out

June 4, 2009


Any of you famiilar with the “Flip”? It’s that funky-looking video camcorder with a built-in USB plug? I’m looking into a quality, efficient, and, um, cheap!, camcorder for the kids. They KEEP wanting to use mine, the one I have reserved for my business! I guess I’m going to have to get them their own…. the kids are pretty careful with my Samsung, but it’s an expensive camcorder and I do want to reserve it for business-only activities.

So I’m looking into the Flip Camcorder. It’s got a sweet price at my favorite store, Buy.com. And they look SOOOO easy to use. No software, no memory cards, no cables, no extra accessories, nothing. It looks to be a perfect kid’s camcorder, really. My only concern is battery power, and durability. So let me know if you have one, and what you think of it. I’ve been sitting in the wings, waiting to see how they do, price-wise and in reviews. I’m pretty impressed so far. And when I saw that they come in funky and wild designs, it definitely got my attention!

In case you have missed my gushing posts of the past, I am crazy-nuts about Buy.com. I never shop for anything online without checking them, first. Their customer service is absolutely terrific, and they have a weekly sale page as well as a Today’s Deals sale page. I highly recoemmend that you Frugal Hacks check them out regularly. I’ve found great deals on batteries, a nice camera, and stuff for around the home– including vacuum machine parts! They have everything, and lots of times, they offer free shipping on their stuff. Definitely check them out.

As for the camcorder, please let me know if you have any opinions. I’ve got another kid birthday coming up and need to make some decisions sometime in the future! šŸ˜€



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