Flowers For Oz

August 24, 2010


I love Australia. Never been there (but I hope to go someday!). There’s just something intriguing about the place. Everything there is upside down (this coming from a Northern Hemisphere lass). But besides the map placement, everything IS upside down there! Think about it– Australia is the place where the coastal areas are teeming with incredibly lush wildlife, and the land is mostly dry, rocky, and barren! And then there are the seasons and the skies– when we have summer here, it’s winter there! And we see the North Star, but they see the Southern Cross! It’s an enigmatic place, I think. No wonder they call it “Oz.” It’s a world turned upside down, at least to us situated at the “top” of the globe!

But some things about people never change, no matter where you go. Flowers, for example. Did you ever wonder about mankind’s universal love of flowers? How NO ONE ever looks at a forested mountain or a colorful, luscious flower bouquet and says “How ugly”? Everyone just loves flowers, whether you’re at the “top” or the “bottom” of the world. And we women just LOVE our flowers delivered. 😀 delivers flowers FREE. They specialize in flower delivery melbourne, but also offer delivery throughout Australia. So if you live in Australia and are desperate for a “flower fix,” or have friends or loved ones in Australia, definitely check out They have an exquisite Purple Posy bouquet that I fell in love with.

They have flowers for every occasion: boxed sets and vases, bouquets for Birthday, anniversary, “just because,” new baby, and even the “I’m Sorry.” (Keep that one in your rolodex, boys, LOL). The bouquets are really lovely. *sigh* The Land of Oz even has glorious flower bouquets! I have GOT to go! specializes in flowers melbourne area, and have been in business for over 20 years. You can order flowers right from their website! Do take a look, mate!


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