Food By Color

March 21, 2012



Author: Joseph Sandoval

I was watching the “Today Show” on clear tv this morning, like I do every morning. I love to watch the show and drink coffee before I get ready for the day. The show last until ten o’clock, but I usually only let myself watch until nine, and then I head to the gym. If I was really motivated, I would go to the gym and be home and ready before the show even starts at seven. Anyway, I think that it is definitely the best morning show on television. This morning, they had a really cool segment with Martha Stewart. Martha was showing us how to eat with “different colors”. She told us the benefits of eating highly pigmented foods and what they could do for your skin health, internal health, and mental health. I have heard a lot lately about this “food health” in relationship to pigment. I haven’t necessarily tried it, but I do think that it makes for a prettier food presentation at a dinner party! Martha said that she has been using the concept for years to keep everything looking nice on the plate!


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