Football Player

April 26, 2012


Football Player

Thanks for the guest post by Kristofer Bartlett

I have been trying to plan the most romantic Valentine’s day for my boyfriend. He broke his leg playing football a couple weeks ago and has been pretty depressed about it. He won’t get to finish the season with his team and this is his senior year. I really want to do something for him to make him feel special and show him how much I love him. He isn’t really in to getting out of the house though because his leg is in a lot of pain. The doctor has given him pain medicine, but he said he doesn’t like the way that it makes him feel, so he hasn’t been taking it. So, I am planning a great night in for us to spend together. I asked him mom for his favorite recipe and I am planning on making it for him. I also plan on surprising him with a scrapbook of all of his football pictures that I made for him. I am hoping that he really loves it because I put a lot of time into it! Then I just plan on us watching something on directv anaheim and snuggling on the couch together!

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