Freaky Photos

March 15, 2008


I saw these at and they cracked me up! Thanks for some laughs, Joshua!

Perfect advertisement for the back of a bus. *coughcoughcough*

OK, this is not very funny, but I couldn’t stop laughing!

Now THAT is so creative! LOL!

This is my favorite. From now on, I’m checking those restaurant cups before I start drinking from them.

Ow! Doesn’t that look real?

You can see lots more here.


6 Responses to “Freaky Photos”

  1. joshuaun Says:

    wow,thx for link to my site=)
    hope good wish in ur blog!=)

  2. Leon Says:

    Wow. Pretty eye catching ads.

  3. Saph -Walk with Me Says:

    Too funny!!! Thanks for the laugh!

  4. Charla Says:

    LOL those are so funny! šŸ™‚

  5. Lady Banana Says:

    These are very clever šŸ™‚


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