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January 18, 2011


Oh tell me, who doesn’t like free loot, huh? :grinny: I’ve discovered a website devoted to collecting and sorting information for free samples and stuff: Free They have inexhaustable lists of free samples via mail, online free stuff, free trial offers, and such. They also list places on the Internet to find free music, software (yay!), free movies, free online games, and loads more.

Most of the free stuff (samples) is for products like “Magic Grip” jar openers or health and beauty aids like shampoo and skin cream or coupons for baby formula, etc. There’s an entire section about FREE COFFEE, woohooo!!! That’s a page to bookmark if ever I saw one. :mrgreen: There’s also a link for a free shortstack of pancakes from International House of Pancakes!

The free cell phones section is intriguing. Did you know that Tracfone offers a program called Lifeline/Safelink? It’s a federal program to help low-income families obtain phone service and discounted rates. Nice! The section also has free resources (such as The Underground Guide to the iPhone) and other stuff pertaining to cell phones and smartphones.

This looks like a nice website. Remember, always have a dedicated webmail email address to use for free stuff. A lot of companies require your information to send you things. Use a dedicated email account separate from your personal email to avoid later problems with spam from third-party companies.

OK frugal lads and lassies, go at it. Have fun!

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One Response to “Free Samples and Other Stuff”

  1. Karen and Gerard Says:

    This is a good tip! I wish I had known this earlier. I think a separate one for blogging would be good too.