Friday Fill In #43

December 30, 2011


Another week has come and gone. Less than a week left of Christmas vacation, wah!!! Oh, I forgot, everybody calls it “Winter Break” now. What a cold and antiseptic name for one of the best school vacation holidays of the year! I still call it Christmas vacation.

So it’s Friday. Oh wait– let me check the calendar just to make sure… *mutter mutter*

YES! It’s Friday! I always get this day mixed up, it kinda sneaks up on me and then disappears, ya know?

So here are this week’s fill-in statements from Hilary’s blog, Feeling Beachie:

1. Lately, I have been feeling a little___________.

Blue. I am not going to blame it on the gloomy days, incessant rain or other weather tweaks. My gloom has had more to do with my jobs, as a few companies I write for are either completely refiguring their business or slowly allowing it to ebb away. Online writing is a precarious business. Google controls a lot of what you see (and blocks a heck of a lot more) and Google considers us bloggers and freelance writers as “competition.” Without going into too many boring details, I’ve just been nervous about my financial stability this month. 2012 isn’t starting off very well, but after spending a few weeks moping about the situation, I’m determined to trust in God and trust for a better opportunity.

2. I am usually a ­­­­______.

Um, uh…. an early riser? Yet I must be someone else lately, though, because I’ve been sleeping in an awful lot these days….

3. ________________________is always the best feeling at the end of the day.

A job well done. ALWAYS the best.

4. _________________________is the first thing I do in the morning.

Grab my smartphone and check the time. That happens *most* mornings. Other times, I pet the cat who is sleeping on my head, or I move over to make room for the cat in the bed. What a bed hog she is!!

This is a photo of her as a kitten. The bed hogity was in its embryonic form, but you can see it starting to develop

Livvy baby

This picture always makes me feel better, no matter how grouchy I am feeling. Can you see those early bed hog traits forming?

Warm Fuzzies

We got her a “cube” because she was starting to overflow onto my desk and all the chairs. Nothing can contain this cat!

Livvy Out of Cube 2


Relaxing Livvy 1

And that, dear friends, is that.

Until next time. :grinny:

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6 Responses to “Friday Fill In #43”

  1. Joseph Alsarraf Says:

    I sometimes wake up with my back hurting only, to find that the cat has taken up more than half of the bed. : )

  2. Yvonne Says:

    Love the cat pics!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Lin Says:

    It was the Christmas Program back in the day–when we sang about Christmas and Santa and angels. And after that was done, we gave Christmas presents to the teacher and the principal and we were off….for two glorious weeks…..for Christmas Break. It’s just ridiculous that we call it Winter Program and Winter Break now.

    Livvy is hilarious. And her feet were soooo big back then!! She was (and still is) absolutely a beauty!!

  4. Hilary - Feeling Beachie Says:

    I am an early riser too… the rare times I sleep late I feel “off” all day

  5. Life, Laughter and Paris Says:

    Don’t worry. I have a very good feeling for 2012 – let’s think positive and all our good vibes will help with everything from health to finances! Wishing you all the best for the New Year. .

  6. Susi Says:

    I have a bed hog. too. Our German Shepard mix Macy takes up most of the middle of our bed… hubby and I are pushed to the edge!!!! 🙂