Friday Fill-In, Hey I’m Not Late, It’s Still Friday!

October 21, 2011


I’m not too late, am I? Man, Fridays always catch me unawares. Here are this week’s questions for Hilary’s Friday Four Fill In meme. They look like good ones, too! 🙂

1. I am afraid of____.
Ugh. No comment. I’ve been trying to avoid the news headlines….. I am in a good mood right now so I’ll just skip over to #2 if you don’t mind!

2. My ___ is my favorite room of my house.
My kitchen. We renovated it in 2010. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears, I tell ya. But it was worth it. I know most of you have seen the BEFORE and AFTER photos, but for those of you who haven’t, here is what my kitchen looked like before:

Ugliest Kitchen1

And after, standing in the same spot:


Yeah, it shocks me, too. LOL. I can’t believe we lived with that kitchen for 10+years. Now all we have left to do are the bathrooms, the upstairs bedrooms and the garage! :wazzat:

3. The last time I _____ I couldn’t ______.

The last time I bought printer toner, I couldn’t believe how expensive it was! Because we homeschool, I print a lot of worksheets for the kids. YOW that toner is expensive. And don’t get me going on the cost of a new printer drum. It’s cheaper to buy a BRAND NEW printer because the new ones come equipped with a new drum and a small starter unit of toner. I cannot fathom why that stuff is so expensive. Car Shipping in not that expensive. I think the printer companies are shafting us. Whew.

4. I got my first _____ when I was ____.
I got my first car when I was 20. I got my car about 4 months before I got my driver’s license. :grinny: Don’t tell anyone, but I drove without a license for a while, hee hee. I have NO IDEA how I ever got car insurance before getting my license — did I even have insurance? Don’t you have to have your license before a company will insure you? I can’t remember. I was so naive when I was younger. I knew nothing about taxes, insurance, Auto Transport Quotes, how to balance a checkbook, nothing. I learned it all after I got married.

How would you fill these out, friends! Check out Hilary’s blog! Have a great weekend.


3 Responses to “Friday Fill-In, Hey I’m Not Late, It’s Still Friday!”

  1. Brenda Youngerman Says:

    I completely agree with you about printer ink – it is RIDICULOUS! and they know they can charge us whatever they want! What a racket!

  2. dojo Says:

    Sorry to say it, but the old kitchen was really a mess 😀

    The ‘new’ one looks terrific. It’s so spacious and well designed, you don’t feel like it’s in a ‘normal’ house. I’d expect some millionaire Hollywood star to pop in the picture, since this is nothing far from a kitchen you’d see in a magazine or in a mansion.

  3. hilary Says:

    Love, love, love your kitchen… want it. I may have a huge closet, but my kitchen is tiny