Friday Fragments: Busy Little Bee

June 16, 2011

My two bits

Meh, I’ve been a busy little bee these days– yes, even more busy than I usually am. Hey, I like to be busy… but not INSANELY busy, which is how it’s been lately. I must be a kook, but I registered to work for TWO more writing companies this week. They are a little less intense than the research-and-report companies I work for, as they are ghost blogging companies. Blogging is easy for me. I like it. I seem well-suited for the stream-of-consciousness type of writing that blogging requires.


Today I had to help my son do a ton of research for his Biology course. Some stuff is amazing, like viewing cells or fibers through the microscope. But some of the research included finding videos where they dissect fetal pigs and frogs, YUK!!!! I never took Biology in school. Well, I took about 3 weeks of it, because in my senior year my guidance counselor realized I needed the course in order to graduate. I guess all I legally had to take was 3 weeks of it in order to get credit for it (if I remember correctly). After that period of time, I could decide if I wanted to continue Biology or get another art class (which was my major). Haha guess which I chose.

Anyway, the fetal pig was pretty disgusting. I’ve become quite a softy in my old age, and the sight of the poor little piglet, splayed out for sadistic science teachers and disgusted schoolchildren was almost too much to bear. Why do we have to dissect ANYTHING? Just draw the diagrams, I’ll take your word for it, k?


Along the same lines, I don’t know why they don’t teach Latin or Greek in schools anymore. What’s the big deal, dissecting piglets?! But no languages? I don’t get it.

I would have LOVED to have learned Latin or Greek. But I was an “average” student and wasn’t allowed to learn the stuff that the “smart” kids were learning. The schools I attended had a caste system, based on your average grade. There were three hierarchies: the BOCES students, the “average” students, and the “advanced” students. The advanced class was looked on as practically supernatural.

I performed very poorly in math and science but excelled in English and art, so I was considered an “average” student because my poor math always neutralized my proficient English. It was a dumb system, averaging the scores of all classes together. Some students, like me, were much more proficient in one subject than another. SO I was stuck in the boring English classes when I would have done well in the more advanced classes.

Oh well, the beauty of being an adult is that I get to study WHATEVER I WANT, now. Like Mark Twain once said, “I never let my schooling interfere with my education.” :mrgreen: I love Mark Twain.


Lots of houses for sale in my area. LOTS. I think some people have HAD it with the taxes going up up up (we pay about $27 per $1000 assessed valuation). And the flooding we have been getting was probably the last straw for some folks. Next house I get, if I can ever afford another house, I will BE SURE to ask if the basement or yard floods. I’ll be asking a mighty LOT of questions, believe you me, lol.

I wish I or my Hubs has spent some time in the military service, because veterans always get great finance deals like We actually got our house through an FHA first-time homeowners project. I am so grateful for that. Maybe sometime we can get an FHA Streamline Refinance and pay the mortgage off quicker. But no more old houses for me! I like my house and it’s about halfway fixed up, but I am getting too old for this.


Can you believe we’re halfway through June already?! I haven’t even weeded my vegetable garden and planted anything yet. šŸ˜ Maybe I’ll try zucchini, but I really doubt I’m going to get anything done this year. Oh well, I’m not too disappointed, haha. It’s actually nice to have a break from the weeding and watering. Do you have a garden this year? How’s it growing?



4 Responses to “Friday Fragments: Busy Little Bee”

  1. blueyes Says:

    you know i took biology I and II only because I failed physical science my freshman year. I refused to learn the periodic table because I was being lazy lol. anywhoo, we had fun in biology II because we had the fetal pig and we stood ours up and hid behind the lab desks and made lil piggy noises and had it rigged to move where you couldn’t see us and it freaked out some people

  2. Rena Says:

    I hope that you can get some breaks this summer and get some day road trips in!!! Do you schedule your work like a 9-5 setting or do you scatter it throughout the day?

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Hi Rena. I’ve been wondering about you, how you’ve been doing! I hope we can get some road trips in, too. Once the kids finish school for the year, we’ll have more time to do stuff like that.

    My schedule is crazy. I homeschool 4 kids and work several part-time jobs! I probably start my workday at about 9:30 or 10am, then chug along til about 11:30 pm or so. I tried to make my job regular, but since I am a mom, I am always “on call.” It was too difficult. Right now, I help the kids with school, then write, then school, then dinner, then school, then either write more or collapse. Good thing I’m still young. šŸ˜‰