Friday Fragments: Feeling Peckish

June 24, 2011


Earlier this week, I added a bunch of new blogs to my feed reader. Many of these blogs were ones I’d been to erratically in the past. Reading blogs keeps my mind fresh, it gives me ideas for my own blogs and reminds me of stories and jokes to share. For the past year, I’ve cooled reading blogs but I think I’m slowly getting back into it again. If you have a blog that you’d like me to see, I’d be happy to visit! Leave a comment with your blog link.


Speaking of blogs, my friend Karen has a really terrific charity going on. She will donate 50 cents for every comment to a charity of the month. For June, the charity is Joni and Friends. Her blog always has interesting posts, so it’s not difficult to rack up the donation!


I found this image on Donna’s blog. It made me crack up!

I’m going to save it for one of those zany posts. I’ll insert it at the perfect time for a belly laugh. I’m not fond of sports at all, so it’ll be pretty easy to mock, lol.


I just ordered a bunch of new books from Amazon. One is a biography of Kathryn Kuhlman and the other two are compilations from her radio show. I am so excited and can’t wait until they arrive! It won’t be until Tuesday, though. šŸ™ In the meantime, I’m devouring a bunch of books. I’ve discovered the New Living Translation again. When I was a new Christian, my mom had this version. She loved the title on her Bible– THE BOOK. lol. Yep, it sure is. The NLT is a good one for reading (especially the Old Testament) and it’s nice to break away from my standard New King James for a bit. Another good version I’ve discovered is the New Century Version.

I’m also reading a few fiction-y books. I downloaded “Letters By a Woman Homesteader” on my iPad/Kindle app. That was very enjoyable. It is a printed book of real letters written by Elinor Rupert Stewart in the early 1900s (it’s public domain, so it was free). I also started a Frank Peretti book, The Oath. I haven’t read a Peretti book in…. gee, 20 years or so! His books are very good, very thrilling. And Peretti is a Christian, so the book lacks the vulgarity and smut of many modern books. I still don’t know why authors write swear words and epithets in their books. It’s bad enough, hearing it in movies and in workplaces. I have always thought that books should elevate the manners as well as the mind.

I agree wholeheartedly with Rose’s response to Mr. Allnut in the old movie The African Queen:

Charlie Allnut: A man takes a drop too much once in a while, it’s only human nature.
Rose Sayer: Nature, Mr. Allnut, is what we are put in this world to rise above.

That’s not meant to be snobby, but I honestly think our culture should be working toward respecting and emphasizing our God-given human nobility, and not crafting us into base brute beasts like the animals. I love language and etymology, and words do affect us as individuals and corporately as a people.

OK, off the soapbox, back to the blog. lol


I can’t stand Firefox 4. I managed to alter the browser appearance back to the old way that I prefer, but there’s this nasty issue with bookmarks that drives me nuts. I keep my bookmarks in a folder on my bookmark bar, and when I click the folder, the bookmarks menu will not drop down. I click and click and it does nothing. Then, at other times, i may accidentally hover over the folder without clicking, and the menu drops down and the page directs to one of bookmarks– all on its own! :wazzat: It’s driving me nuts.

On my laptop, I downgraded back to 3.6.1. I’m going to try upgrading to Firefox 5 for the desktop, to see if that helps. Man, Firefox has almost as many updates as WordPress and iTunes. :hmph:

Have a good weekend, folks! See you later.

The End

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7 Responses to “Friday Fragments: Feeling Peckish”

  1. blueyes Says:

    I’m sticking with 3.6 for now. I stupidly upgraded to 4 on the desktop in the clinic and horrified lol I even had to find an addon to get my status bar back because I have a slew of stuff down there I use.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I also have a ton of stuff in the status bar! FF 4.0 calls it the “add on bar” now. You can toggle it on and off by going to View > Toolbars > Addon Bar. No plugin needed. šŸ˜€

  3. Mike Says:

    I have to agree with you on Firefox 4. It can take forever to even show up after clicking on it! It also has the tendency to lock up more often (just the browser window), while my Google Chrome window is right up to par. I definitely like Firefox 3.6 better, although I do like the little-bit updated look to the new one.

  4. Karen and Gerard Says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I just updated to Firefox 5 and so far have had no problems other than losing my EC tool bar but that’s no big loss anymore. I keep hearing good things about Google Chrome though so I may give it a try.

  5. Donna Says:

    I just downloaded google chrome and I love it. I feel like the dumb clique in class tho with all your firefox people.

  6. lin Says:

    I’ve heard horror stories about Firefox 4, so here I stay on the “outdated” version….happily.

  7. Karen Says:

    Why can’t they leave things alone! LOL