Friday Fragments: Little Stuff

August 19, 2011


This morning I learned what “swag” means. My husband saw the word the other day (probably reading a blog over my shoulder) and asked, “What is ‘swag’? Where does that word come from?” I explained that swag is the loot bloggers (or online folks) get, usually from companies– tote bags, buttons, pens, promotional stuff, etc. But I was clueless as to the meaning of the word. Today, I visited Karen and Gerard’s blog and she said she found out that SWAG is an acronym for “Stuff We All Get.” It made me laugh out loud.


We've gotten a lot of wacky swag in the past, but the weirdest was probably the turkey gravy soda and the turkey hat.


I had no idea I would be “blogger sick” but I have been stricken with it severely this week. It seems that almost all my blogger friends are on a continual vacation (yay for them, though!), are working or at camp, or are visiting or visited by visitors (make sense?). So the blogs that I read each day– necessary for my daily snicker — have been dearth of updates. I have never experienced such a severe blog drought. I miss you guys! Thankfully, a few folks are still updating so I’m clinging to them until all my other pals return.


I’m looking forward to winter, but it’s a mixed bag. I like the cool weather, the snow, the cuddling up in a blanket to go on the computer or read a book. But all the structured stuff is in winter; summer is laid back. I work more in the winter (full time) and so do the kids with school and keeping up with the house. We also can’t travel as much. But at least I don’t have to fuss over the gardens, and I do like the structured schedule once we finally get into it again. So I’m looking forward to winter, but I have mixed feelings. I don’t like change. And it means that things will get busier. But I admit, I like the schedule and the structure of it once we get going. I’m sure the apple pies I’ve been waiting to bake this winter will make up for everything. :mrgreen:


I saw a video about a town I visited this week (Catskill, NY, about 125 miles north of New York City). In the video, the guy claimed that Catskill, NY, was “located in the middle of Upstate New York.” His comment really bugged me. Does this look like the middle of Upstate NY to you?

I guess it’s the middle of NYS if your sphere contains only Albany to Manhattan. :-p

I was peeved for a while after the video. As an “Upstater,” it seems we are largely ignored by the elitist politicians in Albany and New York City. They tend to view our area as a vast human wasteland, a bunch of hicks whose land is good only for corporately and internationally-owned windmills, big powerlines and gas lines to serve the voracious, power-hungry appetite of New York City. We have battled against our lands being confiscated for monster power lines and windmill farms, and now there’s a battle against “hydrofracking,” which is drilling into the underground shale for gas deposits. Problem with hydrofracking is that the companies make a toxic mix of chemicals and pump it deep into the soil, where it contaminates the underground water systems (our wells, our drinking water). Some folks in other states have gotten cancer and can set their water on fire, it’s so bad. Watch the movie GasLand for a real eye-opener.

And don’t get me going on how politicians ignore our more conservative political views!

Oh well… just another good reason why New York City should secede and become its own state. My daughter gave a great suggestion for its new name: Sodom. :blink:


Well, my coffee is almost gone and I’ve yet to update my other blogs. Today is also “article writing day” and I have high hopes of cleaning and organizing a few bedrooms and the living room. We’ll see….

Have a great weekend! And remember– swag is good, hydrofracking is bad! LOL

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3 Responses to “Friday Fragments: Little Stuff”

  1. Mike Says:

    “Sodom” for NYC. I love it! XD I somewhat look forward to winter as well…there’s snowboarding! lol

  2. Karen and Gerard Says:

    I’m still blogging through the summer but have noticed there’s fewer updates it seems, which is okay with me. I can get through my blog roll faster. The downside is less visitors, but now we know who the die-hard bloggers really are.

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Karen– YEAH!!! We are diehard bloggers, BABY!!!! *pumps fist in wild frenzy*