Friday Fragments, The Heat Is On

July 22, 2011


We’ve been laying low this week, due to the serious heat wave hitting the area. Hey, remember all those times I laughed at you folks in the South about the snow and cold? I take it back, all of it. :-p I’m a Northerner, my blood is too thick for this stuff!

I saw on the news that the hottest it’s ever been in Syracuse, New York, is 107 degrees. Yesterday, we hit 101, which apparently is some kind of record for the day. All the weathermen were slapping each other on the back, thrilled that we surpassed the record! Me, I was practically fainting from the heat. Last night I dreamed it snowed, and that I was giving thanks to God for such a wonderful blessing and relief. Can’t wait.


I do still have to work at the computer, writing articles, heat or no. But in the evenings, I’ve been taking some time off to lay down in front of a fan and cool off. I’m reading a slew of books, but the one that is my current favorite is “Daily Life in the Middle Ages.” It’s an adult book, but it’s written on an 8th grade level (well, maybe more like 6th grade, as the author’s explanations of everything are rather juvenile). Even so, the information is extremely interesting.


I updated to WordPress 3.2.1 on a few of my blogs. I don’t like it.


For the first time, I was stung by a yellow jacket this week. TWICE. The first sting swelled up into this bright red, nasty welt that itched like crazy. My husband was very concerned. I figured I was OK as long as it didn’t turn black or anything. 😯 Then, I got stung again. There’s a nest of them outside my bedroom window, and I guess they are starting to creep into the house. I’m typing this all very calmly, but I’m screaming inside. I’m going to get some hornet spray and blast those busters to kingdom come.


My son finished his Biology course, and we’re free for the summer. My husband took us all out to dinner at a Greek restaurant to celebrate. :shades: I have a lot on my plate until the next school year begins…. I really don’t know if we’re going to be able to cram it all in. There’s clearing out the overgrown gardens, installing a bathroom ventilation fan and a myriad of other uncompleted renovation jobs, cleaning out the bedrooms upstairs, and of course I work full time. Plus, the kids want to go to Virginia again. Honestly, I rather go down south in the WINTER. I can’t imagine suffering through a southern summer, calling that a vacation, lol. The nice thing about houses down there is that many seem to have central air. Very few houses up north have that, so when a heat wave hits, all we have are fans.


Speaking of heat waves, I’d better close this and get to the laundry. I want to hang it out on the line before the afternoon humidity rolls in. If I wait too long, the clothes never dry, and God forbid I have to use the clothes dryer in this heat!


Stay cool, my friends!



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2 Responses to “Friday Fragments, The Heat Is On”

  1. Michele Says:

    Yikes I hate yellowjackets… got stung once as a teen & my ankle swelled up, yes, all itchey etc. I thought it was an allergic reaction but maybe that’s just what they do. Yes -Blow them away! (evil laugh)
    I read ConEd was turning down the power & telling folks not to use a/c. I HOPE that is NOT true & that you can stay cool!

  2. Rena Says:

    I am with you there.. I would rather go down south when its winter. I can’t imagine the heat down there now!

    I laughed at “I’m going to get some hornet spray and blast those busters to kingdom come.” Just be careful!!!

    I have a nest in my metal porch railing, there is a small hole in the top of the railing and they go in it. I also get a nest on the overhang of my front door, however I knocked that down in the winter. Hopefully they won’t build it again. I have never gotten stung by a bee, I always make sure that I get away from them as fast as possible. I also stand very still until they leave if I am unable to make a getaway.

    One day at a time, one project at a time. I tend to think about my huge to do list and just thinking about it tires me out. However, I am learning to just focus on one thing at a time and put the rest in the back of my head.

    God bless