Friday Fragments: Weird Week

July 8, 2011


Ever get those weeks where everything seems “off,” even though nothing really has happened? That’s been my week so far. My schedule was interrupted by the holiday. Yeah, I guess I consider holidays “interruptions.” I run a tight ship, so to speak, and when there’s disruption, I feel it. When I was a kid, I used to get depressed by changes, even small changes such as holidays and vacations. I’m much more temperate now, but I still feel that strange emotion when my schedule is altered.

Most people look forward to holidays and weekends, but not me. It’s one of the advantages (or perhaps disadvantage?) to working at home. Every day seems the same. I really like working at home. I don’t need to dress up, I don’t need to be on my feet all day, I don’t need to endure employers or employees temper tantrums, and I get my daily socialization requirements from you guys. šŸ™‚


I’ve also been taking a little more time off from work, too. Which is WEIRD. I’m not used to lounging outside after dinner! I’m always “work work work!” But after getting a case of burnout over the winter, I realize I have to take a little time off just to rest. I’m pretty busy with work, too. Looks like the Internet is in dire need of articles on the history of portland cement and the state animal of Georgia (do you know what it is, by the way?).


Last night, while setting up some tiki torches (I found some on sale for $2.50 each!!!!), the resident deer meandered down from the woods to sup in my weed-filled garden. We were blown away at how fearless he was by us and all the traffic roaring down the street.


He let me walk right up to him.


Yikes. I don’t think I like a male deer staking out my backyard as his territory. Are there so many deer in Upstate New York and so little forest that the deer now claim our backyards as their territory??

Livvy peevishly watched the activity from the kitchen window. She wanted to come outside but I didn’t feel like babysitting a maniac last night. :-p When she’s outside, she races around from bush to bush, invincibly skulking beneath bushes and investigating common skunk paths. She’ll watch us from inside.



After dinner, I’m trying to spend quiet time with the kids. We may sit outside in the screened gazebo (another spectacular deal!!!) and enjoy the cool nights (even though they are peeper-less this summer). Currently, we are reading “Heart to Heart” by Kathryn Kuhlman (an outstanding but short book that is a compilation of her radio broadcasts and sermons) and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving. It’s the first Irving book I’ve read, and I’m madly in love with his prose. The man was brilliant with words, simply brilliant. I like him better than Mark Twain! I’m looking forward to reading Irving’s book on the history of New York, that ought to be a hoot.


My thoughts are turning toward renovation again. There are many undone projects from last year that need finishing and the upstairs needs to be gutted and renovated yet. Also, I’d like to convert the garage into a family/music room since I took over the living room as my office. It’s a miracle that I’m even THINKING about renovation. Last year, I spent from May to October intensely working on the house. As soon as winter hit, I practically collapsed and didn’t even want to consider any more projects. I work full time now, so my energies are very limited and I’ve put off those small projects (so far). I’m not planning on doing anything big this year, but am thinking about doing something next year, Lord willing. We’ll see. I think the hardest part is over– the kitchen. We redid the electric, the plumbing, the heating system as well as renovated the kitchen and dining room. All that’s left is gutting the upstairs walls, adding more electric, insulating the walls, and fixing up the bathroom fixtures. Easy peasy. lol

Happy Friday, friends!

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3 Responses to “Friday Fragments: Weird Week”

  1. Karen Says:

    Maybe your moment of insanity will fly by. If not, you are an experienced remodeler!

  2. BigD Says:

    I can completely sympathize with your feelings about holiday disruptions.
    I’d really like the holidays to occur on MY schedule–not just some random time Congress designated a century or two ago. It really puts me out when they land at the wrong time. I could really use July 4th in about another 10 days.
    But, alas, no one asked me.

  3. blueyes Says:

    Man, the deer are becoming more socialized with humans these days. This is bad though. Wildlife need to be wild not tame. That’s where the trouble comes in just like down in Florida mainly with the gaters.

    As for Georgia’s state animal? Didn’t think they had one. They have a mammal, bird, fish, etc but never heard of an animal.