Friday Fragments: Why?

August 4, 2011


I was never one of those children who always asked “Why?” as a kid. I do remember thinking it ALL THE TIME but I wasn’t very vocally inquisitive as a very young child. I’ve since made up for it. :mrgreen:


Why are “historical” movies so unhistorical and riddled with errors, even when it’s a very small matter to be historical? Ever see that movie “National Treasure”? In it, the film claims 55 men signed the Declaration of Independence. That’s wrong: 56 men signed it. I mean, why be so inaccurate when it’s such a small effort to be correct? Some people may shrug their shoulders and say “big deal,” but what if someone said you only had 2 children when you really had 3? Wouldn’t that be a “big deal” to correct it? And the Declaration of Independence is *kind of* a big deal.


Why does Hollywood spend SO much money and go SO out of their way to be historically accurate with period clothing, hair styles, props, sets, etc etc and then blow the whole shebang by having the characters swear like sailors and act like harlots? Hellloooo… believe it or not, people didn’t act like 21st century people in the 16th century! There were *gasp* repercussions to, for example, fornication– called children and social excommunication! People back then also didn’t have s*x on their minds as much as people in our modern culture. Human nature hasn’t changed, of course, but back then there were boundaries and social expectations of good behavior to keep it under control. Societies understood back then than a licentious society was chaotic and divided. Social order and behavior was much more stringent, but you’d never know it, watching a Hollywood film.

I love history so I am always looking for a good movie about history. I recently saw the movie “Elizabeth” about Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen of 1554, and was disgusted and disappointed. What a lousy movie, full of smut and error! Memo to Hollywood– Elizabeth did not fornicate with Robert Dudley and then become the “virgin” queen because he was so unfaithful! She did not shave her head and wear white makeup to pattern herself after a statue of Mary the mother of Jesus! Duh! Elizabeth got smallpox later during her reign, and it wrecked her appearance. She lost a lot of her hair and her face was scarred– thus the wigs and makeup.

I get upset that Hollywood does stuff like that– they view historic figures and everyday folks through their own lens of self-absorption and immorality.

But the movie costumes and hairstyles were magnificent. :-p


I think BBC produces the best historical movies. They are accurate not only in costume but also in behavior. They don’t always have the shiniest, glitteriest props like Hollywood has, but so what? Give me accuracy over shiny props any day. šŸ˜‰

While I like Cate Blanchette’s acting and I think she resembles Elizabeth I more than any other actress, I think the best Queen Bess was Glenda Jackson in BBC’s “Elizabeth R.” That was a phenomenal series. It was accurate, outstanding, and there was no swearing and no need to depict Elizabeth as a swooning, sensuous barmaid. Don’t get me going about Helen Mirren’s manic depressive Elizabeth… yuk….


I’m so so so sick of hearing about the debt ceiling and debt deal. The government NEVER does what we the people want anymore. I can’t believe they’ve dug us so deep into such a financial mess. I have a mortgage and credit card debt, God forbid I couldn’t pay them off, not even a VA refinance or help from would help me. But the government can do whatever they want and that’s OK??

My husband made up a very good allegory about the current debt. He said that if our country paid $100 every second, it would take over 4,000 years to pay off the current national debt. FOUR THOUSAND YEARS. Our government needs a tad more education about refinancing on Wikipedia, it seems. The real world operates a totally different way. I’m very concerned with what out future holds, but I try not to think about it too much, or I’ll get an ulcer. And with ObamaCare as our destiny, that makes it all even worse!


Our heat wave is over! I have been glorying in cooler weather. Cooler as in mid-80s. Hey, I’ll take what I can get. lol.


Why does McDonald’s food make you feel so awful after eating it? The husband came home today with a Filet O Fish for me, as a treat. I haven’t had one in a while and– after eating the real thing (fish) for a while– the sandwich seemed like fake food. After eating, I thought I was going to pass out from exhaustion. What do they put in their food that makes my heart race like a marathon and I feel so exhausted I could konk out? Hmmm…? Anyone know?


Do you remember those “Happiness is” snippets from the Peanuts comics? Such as “Happiness is a warm puppy”? I sometimes come up with my own little “Happiness is” phrases. I thought of one today when Livvy came to see me as I typed this:

Happiness is when your kitty clambers up on the bed to see you, nuzzles your face, and starts to purr when you whisper “Hello, sweetheart.” šŸ™‚


Have a great weekend!

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3 Responses to “Friday Fragments: Why?”

  1. Anna Says:

    Quite sadly, the Hollywood version of history is the only version some people get – making it even worse that they don’t try a bit harder.

    How did you feel about The King’s Speech? We really enjoyed the movie, but we have not studied the history…

  2. Karen and Gerard Says:

    Love your happiness line–I so agree!

    Have you seen the movie, “The Boy In The Striped Pajamas?” It’s good about the Holocaust.

    The national debt makes me sick–I don’t think about it.

  3. lin Says:

    Awww, that Livvy makes me forget all about our wacky government and bad movies….

    Chuck and I were just chatting about fast food and how awful it makes us feel. My physical therapist said that most people who eat that kind of stuff regularly don’t realize how bad they feel all the time–it’s just when you eat well routinely, you see what it does to you. No kidding. I can’t eat McDonalds anymore. It’s crap.