Frugal Alert: Apple Store Coupons!

March 28, 2011


MAN! I missed out big time on this. I ordered some stuff from the Apple Store TWICE, and then got a few Apple accessories at my local Big Box retail store… and missed the Apple Store coupons. Sheesh. dumbdumbdumb! *sigh* Oh well. I’m sure there will be a next time! šŸ˜€

Well, at least you can save some money when you get your Apple stuff. Here’s a site where you can get notifications of Apple Store coupon codes. Apple coupons are a little difficult to locate, I think. I did a little digging, but didn’t find the sites until now.

My budding musician sons (and their dad) want to get Garage Band software for making their own music. OK, sure. BUT Garage Band won’t work on PCs… so that means I’d need to get a Mac. šŸ˜ Oh my word, those things are pricey. Ouch. I’m going to have to save up for that one, guys. But I’m going to MAKE SURE that I use a handy dandy Apple coupon code when I do.

The websites also have coupons and codes for other stores and stuff, too. And some deals include free shipping. They also have links to refurbished products directly from the Apple Store– you can save a TON of money that way. Refurbished items are products that are used and have been returned; Apple fixes them up and adds new parts if necessary, tests them out and sells them again. Usually the warranty on refurbished products is the same as for new products (although ALWAYS read the fine print before you buy it). I have purchased a few refurbished items and have had no problems with them. I also sometimes buy “display models” for deep discounts, too. With a coupon code, you can really save the money.

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