Frugal Alert: Free Sample of Nopalea Health Drink

May 17, 2012


Have you heard about Nopalea? It’s a drink derived from the Nopal cactus fruit, a plant known for it’s ability to reduce inflammation. Nopal cactus fruit apparently reduces inflammation in general: muscle, joint, digestive, cell, etc. I think a LOT of our health problems stem from inflammation in one form or another. The makers of the Nopalea drink are giving away free samples, but you do have to pay $9.95 shipping. Call 1-800-203-7063 if you are interested, or see the Nopalea website for more information. The company is a reputable one, and they’ve been in business for over a decade now.

The drink sounds very, very interesting to me. Now that I am older, I’m trying to eat more vegetables, drink more water, and take certain vitamins more frequently (I am terrible at taking them though!). Overall, I much prefer natural solutions, like teas or vegetable diets and phytonutrient drinks. I believe that God gave us everything we need for good health here, and it’s found either in plants and in living a healthy lifestyle. So I’m keen on checking out the Nopalea. My joints have been complaining lately– I wake up very stiff every morning now and it takes me a good half an hour to shake the pain and stiffness. I don’t want to take medications so I’m trying to boost my health with Omega-3 fish oil tablets, coQ10, D3, B12 lozenges, and a phytonutrient green drink (my daughter makes the most amazing smoothies with it). I haven’t tried the Nopalea but it sounds great! The free sample is a good deal and a great way to see if the drink helps.

Note: I was compensated a small amount to mention Nopalea in this post. Please know that all opinions expressed are 100% mine. I am not a physician or nutritionist but I am keen on healthy living products for my own health and well-being. Thanks for reading!


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