Frugal Alert: iPhone Ringtones App

July 23, 2012


The iPhone is a really amazing little device. I use it everywhere! Unfortunately, so does everyone else. :meh: And we all happen to use the same few ringtones… so when we hear the phone ring with its familiar “Marimba,” “Timba,” “Strum,” or “Chime,” we all reach for our phones. Ugh. I have purchased a few new ringtones from the iTunes store, but holy guacamole, those tunes are expensive! I’d heard that Apple purposely does not enable you to get new ringtones except through their own store.

Well, leave it to the geeks to work around it! HAHA!!!

I just downloaded an app called iphone ringtones by Gemerix, Ltd. The daughter and I have been fooling around with it. It’s hilarious! You can record your own ringtone, use your own music with their neat “sound wave” music selector tool, or browse the ringtone library (which is huge) for tones. The library has some pretty funny tones — they have MIDI music stuff, but they also have some pretty hilarious message tones. Some of the categories include “News/Politics,” “Sayings,” “World,” and — my personal favorite — “Sound Effects.”

The only thing is that you can’t DIRECTLY install the tones. Apple doesn’t allow it. But there’s a way around it– you email the tone file to yourself on your local computer, save the file, drag the file to your iTunes Library, import the tone, and sync your iPhone. Then go to your iPhone and select the tone from “Sounds.” It seems like a roundabout way, but it’s WAAAY better than paying $2 PER RINGTONE to the iTunes Store. The app’s tones are all free after you pay the original 99 cents for the app download. It’s a good deal, I think.

I have not yet tried making my own ringtone from my music. When I used the app, the music was so low I could barely hear it. I have yet to see if the tone is normal sound after I import it. Still, i think the app is cute! Check it out. 🙂

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  1. Karen Says:

    I am sending this post link to my daughter. She might need to know this stuff! LOL

    Would it be possible to be on your blogroll?